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Posted On 01 Oct 2019
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Finding the best Mac keyboard may be a difficult task to accomplish. After all, there are so many choices out there. Where do you start?

Well, before diving into the keyboards themselves, why bother being picky about a keyboard? Aren't they all the same?

The answer is no. Keyboard usability plays a significant role in a person's satisfaction with the product. Not all keyboards are created equal.

The keyboard needs to be easily usable. Buttons shouldn't stick, and they should be evenly spaced apart. Some of them contain built-in mouse pads while others come with separate ones.

Different keyboards are better than others at specific tasks. For instance, you don't want to use a keyboard for accounting activities if it doesn't have a numeric keypad.

Choosing the best Mac keyboard is an important thing to do.

Comparison Table

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The Best Mac Keyboard: Which One is Right for You?

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Below are seven of the best Mac keyboards available to buy today. They all embrace what makes Macs so unique and even add some twists to the basic keyboard.

All of them are worthy of buying, but it's crucial to find the one that fits you best. Please note that they are listed in no particular order.

1. Ultra-Compact Mini Wireless Keyboard

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When you're searching for the best Mac keyboard, a lot of factors come into play.

For some people, one of the attributes they need is compactness. Many customers hate large, clunky keyboards. Instead, they go for something small and tight.

This mini wireless keyboard is an excellent example of a product that listens to its customers.

One of the design features that sets it apart from other keyboards is its numeric keypad. It's not there. The keyboard takes this feature away since only a handful of people actually use it.

Another feature Mac users will love right away is the fact that the keys are arranged for easy access to media functions. Several Mac users perform media activities, so having these buttons arranged for them makes sense.

A silicone non-slip pad backside gives the user a substantial typing experience. Lastly, this keyboard can be paired with a Bluetooth device. This feature gives the user more freedom when they need to connect devices.

Overall, the Ultra Compact Mini Wireless Keyboard gives you all the necessary tools for a quality experience. Customers on Amazon agreed and gave it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

2. Macally Ultra-Slim USB Wired Keyboard

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[amazon fields=”B074HX6RP8″ value=”button”]

Typing is something everyone does on a keyboard. While some love the "click-clack" sound of the keys, others hate it. There are customers out there who want a silent typing experience.

The Macally Ultra-Slim USB Wired Keyboard gives them that experience and more.

Scissor-key switches inside the keyboard mute your typing. Along with the scissor-key technology, this USB wired keyboard comes with 104 full-sized thin keys. These thin keys also contribute to a softer sound.

The best Mac keyboard also has a ton of shortcut keys. The Macally Ultra-Slim has you covered as this keyboard sports 16 shortcuts. Most of them lead to media programs, so don't fret if you're working with editing software.

Customers loved this product on Amazon and gave it 4.1 out of 5 stars on Am​​azon.

3. Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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[amazon fields=”B07BR9ZBZ5″ value=”button”]

Although many customers can do without the numeric keypad, it still has plenty of uses. If you're a traditionalist or need to do work involving numbers, the Apple Magic Keyboard is an excellent choice.

Unlike compact keyboards, this one features an extended layout. It even has a few buttons not generally found on regular keyboards. These buttons involve document navigation so that you can cruise through multiple programs at the drop of a hat.

This keyboard showcases optimized key travel. That means the keys are spaced for comfortable yet efficient typing.

The Apple Magic Keyboard is also Bluetooth-enabled. It may seem like a small feature in comparison to other technologies, but this dramatically bridges the gap between multiple types of work. It's a life-saver for people who live and breathe spreadsheets.

Ama​​zon customers enjoyed this product and gave it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

4. Azio USB Mechanical Backlit Keyboard

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The best Mac keyboard encompasses a variety of wants and needs. Specifically, it gives the user an experience they will never forget. That is especially true when talking about the Azio USB Mechanical Backlit Keyboard.

As the name implies, this keyboard shows off a gorgeous, white backlit glow. This backlit aesthetic gives off a contemporary vibe, and it sets the mood for your work. The white light emanating from the keyboard looks fantastic.

But, a keyboard is more than just how it looks. Functionality is critical, and Azio brings you a console that gets the job done.

The mechanical keys exemplify this outstanding functionality on the keyboard. These types of keys make sure each one is struck individually, so the simultaneous striking of keys becomes a thing of the past.

This USB Mechanical keyboard is also useful for audio enthusiasts. Whether you're casually listening to music or editing a video, a scrolling sound wheel makes sure you have complete and total control over what comes out of the speakers.

Finally, the quality of the keyboard itself is wonderful. Made of top-grade aluminum, the beveled edges and bead-blasted finish make sure the keyboard fits perfectly with the look of your Mac.

It may be the best Mac keyboard on the market today. That is backed up by a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

5. Satechi Aluminum USB Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

[amazon fields=”B07DRCWHM3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07DRCWHM3″ value=”button”]

Satechi is a trusted name in the keyboard industry. Crafting one astonishing keyboard after another, they continue to up their game with yet another fantastic product.

An extended keyboard, Satechi added a numeric keypad for this particular model. With responsive scissor-switch keys, Satachi made sure that your time typing would be some of the best time you've ever spent with a keyboard.

Another aspect that makes this console so great is that it's surprisingly easy to set up. A simple USB plug-in connects right to your Mac OS. No more and no less is needed.

Special shortcut keys designed for Mac's mean you get all the advantages of a typical Mac keyboard. Media shortcuts are some of the more prevalent alternatives, but there are shortcut keys for almost anything you can think of.

An excellent choice, it's no wonder many claim it is the best Mac keyboard. The ratings on Amazon agree with this claim; it scored 4.3 out of 5 stars.

6. Perixx Perriboard 325-Wired Silent Backlit Aluminum Keyboard

[amazon fields=”B07RYNDDQ4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]
[amazon fields=”B07RYNDDQ4″ value=”button”]

You may not have heard of Perixx before. But, they make a quality product that you need to see to believe. Their products are just as good as anyone else's, and they come with some useful features.

For starters, this keyboard is ultra-slim. Some people complain that their consoles are too clunky. This keyboard doesn't have that problem.

Its wired USB interface makes for easy setup, and it even comes with three different levels of white illumination. Whatever your lighting needs are, the Perixx Perriboard 325 gets the job done.

Finally, a soft-touch keyboard makes typing silent and enjoyable.

A fantastic product, the Perixx Perriboard 325 is an excellent buy. It garnered 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

7. Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard

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[amazon fields=”B00ADNBXE6″ value=”button”]

The Freestyle2 by Kinesis is probably one of the oddest looking keyboards around. However, it gives you a wide range of freedom to type how you want.

The Freestyle2 splits up into two separate keyboards. Interestingly, you can adjust how far you space them apart. It's perfect for people who feel like most keyboards are just too compact.

It houses two ports for USBs, so you have plenty of options when it comes to saving and loading data onto your computer.

Low force, tactile key switches make for quiet typing. If you want to add a numeric keypad, this keyboard gives you this option as well.

It's a versatile keyboard that presents you with a lot of opportunities for customization. If you're searching for the best Mac keyboard, you may have just found it. Happy customers on Amazon gave it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The Choice Is at Your Fingertips

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You now know about seven of the best Mac keyboards. You know yourself better than anyone else, so choose the keyboard that's right for you. Each one is unique, and sports features others don't have.

For instance, the Freestyle is one of the only keyboards on the market that possesses the ability to split up. That one feature alone may make or break a deal for a customer.

Don't feel forced to buy something you genuinely don't want. If backlit keyboards aren't your style, then don't bother with one. Instead, choose something that you'll be happy with.

Regardless of what you choose, you won't make the wrong decision. Every one of these keyboards is of high quality.

Have you tried any of these keyboards? What was your experience with them? Let us know in the comments below.

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