The Best Bag for Your Mac Computer

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best mac bags

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I have a history of owning/operating my computers for a long time (well, relatively long based on today’s electronic lifespan). In graduate school my peers referred to my computer as “grandpa” because it seemed ancient compared to all the shiny new laptops around it. It’s something I was proud of! I treat my computers well and, in turn, they last a long time. I keep them running fast (using CleanMyMac 3 these days), I keep them clutter free (using Gemini 2), and I prevent bumps and bruises by carrying them in great gear.

And because I have a bit of a bag habit, I’ve had cause to try quite a few. In my opinion, here are the best Mac bags money can buy:

Settlement Backpack ($59.99 from Herschel)

best mac bags
Is it vintage? Is it modern? Who cares, it’s awesome! Plus, this backpack doesn’t scream out for attention, which is critical if you’re commuting on foot or via public transit with a laptop that costs bank. The classic style backpack has a built in laptop sleeve that accommodates laptops up to 15 inches. It also has a media pocket with a headphone port and solid, but not overdone pockets. I think this is the urban commuter’s dream in terms of style, function, and price.

24-Hour Tin Briefcase ($395 from

best mac bags
This is a bag built to last. And it should given the price! This all-weather, all-terrain, ready-to-go bag fits laptops up to 15 inches. It has tons of interior and exterior pockets and sleeves, a storm flap, and the ability to carry it via handles or shoulder strap. The fabric is a durable cloth can be wiped down and resists stains more than other fabrics. With all its durability, though, this bag is heftier than others and isn’t great for someone who is hiking/biking it to work most of the time.

Incase Nylon Sling ($32 from

best mac bags
For the person who likes to keep it simple. Fits a 13 inch Mac like a glove and is lightweight and easy to tote around. The sling is water resistant on the outside and extra padded on the inside. This tends to be my go-to bag for the price, portability, and ease of use. The sleeve itself weighs only a pound and carrying it around with my MacBook Air it’s easy to forget I’m carrying anything at all!

TIMBUK2 Command TSA-Friendly Messenger Bag ($109 on

best mac bags
There’s a reason this bag is a classic: it works! The TIMBUK2 messenger bag was one of the first laptop bags I ever owned and I still find myself coming back to it year after year. It seemingly has all the pockets and sleeves I need in just the right places! It’s even more fun to spring for a bag I can customize with the colors and fabrics of my mood that year. This TSA-Friendly bag ups the TIMBUK2 game by including a sleeve off the back that can be quickly isolated from the rest of the bag as you go through airport security.

What am I missing from this list? What’s your go-to Mac bag?

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