Best Mac Accessories of 2018

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Have Some Fun With Your Mac in 2018

We spend a lot of time talking about the serious stuff you need to know to keep your Mac running fast. Such as:

We're not all serious, though! Just to prove it we're keeping you up with the times and giving your our list of the best/hottest/must-have Mac accessories of 2018.

InCase Sleeve

I've owned an incase sleeve for my Mac for the better part of ten years. It's completely worth it! I've dropped it, thrown it around, traveled on bumpy planes and subways, and spilled coffee on it. My first one lasted about seven years and I'm on my second InCase now. Completely worth the $30 to protect my expensive machine and all my ongoing work!

Mac Stickers

 I used to be anti-stickers because it felt too permanant, but now that I work out of a co-working space I love how my machine looks more "me" and it gives me a good giggle every time I walk back to my desk. There are some truly fantastic personality stickers out there today. Check out the Pixar lamp, Snoopy, Darth Vader, a coffee cup, and more!

Mac Hard Shell

If you want to both protect your machine and give it a distinctive color/pizazz, check out these Mac hard shells. Both functional and stylish and they get you past that boring jet gray that everyone else has on their machine.

Mac Cable Organizer

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No products found.

I don't know about you, but I am constantly wrapping up and untangling my Mac power cord. Make life simpler on yourself with a cable organizer. You can grab one just for your Mag power cord or you can get a more elaborate travel case that holds multiple cords.

What's your favorite Mac accessory this year?

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