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Posted On 24 Apr 2019
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The iPad Air 2 is one of the most popular tablets on the market. Keeping your tablet safe is one of the top priorities once you purchase it. iPads have the most variability in cases compared with other brands. Wherever you go you can probably find the best iPad Air 2 case, whether it’s a department store, cell phone carrier or shopping online at Amazon. Some cases are used for decorative purposes while others are designed to keep the iPad safe during potential falls or spills.

Best iPad Air 2 Cases Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B00PLN7C4S,B016ATD6AU,B00VG9Q0C6,B00O4VAAL0,B073W4BVQL,B00OO9Z300,B00QF5MXFY,B00O8RCHES,B07377LRZH,B01BYKF842″ template=”table”]

How We Choose Our Ratings

When considering the best iPad Air 2 cases, we took a look at durability, design, pricing and customer satisfaction. The best iPad Air 2 cases provide a sleek design while still being very protective. Different choices in color and design are important as well. iPads are used by people of all age groups so it’s great to find brands or cases that cater to everyone. Each iPad Air 2 case is rated out of 5 stars. The best rating is a 5 out of 5 stars while the worst rating is a 1/5 star.

We also took the time to consider how long each of these cases will last. A good case should be durable and last for at least a year or two. Consumers want to stay away from cases which break and rip within the first few weeks or months of getting them.

Top 10 Best

iPhone and iPad on a wooden table

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These cases are the best iPad Air 2 cases on the market currently. The first case is our number one pick for consumers. After reading through this list you’ll know which is the best case for you.

[amazon link=”B00PLN7C4S” title=”iPad Air 2 Defender Series” /]

[amazon box=”B00PLN7C4S”]

This iPad Air 2 case from Otterbox provides excellent durability and support. With the sleek, thin design of the iPad Air 2, it’s important to have a case which will keep it safe from damage. This case will do just that. It’s made with rubber materials that can withstand drops and falls. This case also comes in a variety of colors and designs so no matter who you are you can find one that you’ll like.

These cases run for about $46 and up. The price range depends on the design of the case. The defender series comes with stands on the back of the case for ease in setting the iPad up when watching videos or movies. We rate this case 5/5 stars for its durability, price and design.

[amazon link=”B016ATD6AU” title=” UAG Rugged Case” /]

[amazon box=”B016ATD6AU”]

UAG stands for Under Armor Gear. The Metropolis case provides superior durability and protection from falls. These cases come in blue, red and black. They’re created with a rugged surface to combat damage. This case will cost about $44 depending on which retailer you purchase it from. Other features of this case include, tactile grip and a 360-degree hand strap which allows for easier handling of the iPad Air 2

On the UAG website, this product consistently receives good ratings. Their current reviews show a score of 5/5 stars across the board. Customers love the light-weightiness of the case, durability and damage resistance. Some consumers tell stories of when their iPad dropped within this case. They report that the case did everything it should, to protect against scrapes and falls. We rate this case 5/5 stars as well for its price, durability, and customer reviews.

[amazon link=”B00VG9Q0C6″ title=”Life Proof iPad Air 2 Case” /]

[amazon box=”B00VG9Q0C6″]

This case is known for being both water, dirt, snow, and drop proof. The sleek design is a favorite among consumers. This is perfect for someone who plans on spending a lot of time on their iPad on the go. The Life Proof case will cost you about $90. It’s made from both rubber and silicone materials to keep the iPad safe during a fall.

This is one of the only cases on the market which comes with this much durability and damage proof features. Many cases are fall proof, but most cases are not waterproof. Remember just because the case is waterproof doesn't make the tablet itself waterproof. Most cases aren't dirt proof. Sometimes sand, crumbs or other materials can seep through the case. When someone takes their iPad out in these conditions they find that it's dirty and grimy.

That isn’t an issue with this case. We rate this case 4.5/5 stars for its amazing durability.

[amazon link=”B00O4VAAL0″ title=”Belkin Slim Style Case” /]

[amazon box=”B00O4VAAL0″]

The Belkin iPad Air 2 case has a slim and sleek design for those who’d rather have a slim case. Many cases that have a durability claim tend to be bulky and heavy. This case also comes in a variety of colors including black, pink, blue and purple. According to the manufacturer, the case is water repellent and very lightweight. It also features a stand on the back of the case for use to prop it up while watching videos or movies. We rate this case 4.5/5 stars for its durability and lightweight design.

[amazon link=”B073W4BVQL” title=”Carved iPad Air 2 Smart Cover and Wooden Case” /]

[amazon box=”B073W4BVQL”]

This may be one of the most unique looking cases on the market. The smart case capability allows consumers to turn the screen off on the iPad with a simple flip of the cover. The wooden design of this case along with the built-in magnets make for a very unique design. The magnets are used to hold the iPad up while inside of the case. The case is made from leather and features a few other designs rather than just a wooden look. This case runs for $59 which is in the expected price range. We rate this case 4/5 stars for its design and unique style.

[amazon link=”B00OO9Z300″ title=”iPad Air 2 Smart Case from Apple” /]

[amazon box=”B00OO9Z300″]

Apple has their own brand of iPad cases and they’re actually pretty good. The Smart Case allows users to flip over the case and turn the iPad screen of automatically. This isn’t a bulky case, it’s pretty lightweight and sleek. It comes in a variety of colors and designs. They're made from leather to protect against spills and low-intensity drops. The price of this case is $79. We rate this case 4/5 stars for its sleek design.

[amazon link=”B00QF5MXFY” title=”Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case” /]

[amazon box=”B00QF5MXFY”]

This list wouldn’t be complete without a keyboard case. Many consumers want a case that comes with a keyboard. You can easily turn your iPad into a mini computer with this case. It will make typing and searching the internet much easier. This case will only cost you about $36. It has microfiber lining to assist in durability as well as a stand to prop up the case. The keyboard can be used flat or with the stand. Another cool aspect of this product is the 18-month warranty. We rate this product 3.5/5 stars for its keyboard function and price.

[amazon link=”B00O8RCHES” title=”Supcase Unicorn Beetle Rugged iPad Air 2 Case” /]

[amazon box=”B00O8RCHES”]

This is another case designed to withstand damage and scrapes. One of our favorite aspects of this case is the built-in screen protector. This will protect the screen itself from scrapes and damage. This case is sold for about $40. The hubcaps on the case are a great addition since they keep dirt and dust from entering the case. On Amazon, this case has great customer reviews as well. We rate this case 3.5/5 stars for its design and durability.

[amazon link=”B07377LRZH” title=”Speck Balance Folio” /]

[amazon box=”B07377LRZH”]

Speck is a well-known brand in the phone and tablet case industry. Their cases have a variety of designs and colors. You can find this case for $40 from different retailers. Some of the features of this case include a magnetic closure, resistance to falls and a built-in stand. This case will also fit on the iPad Pro 9.7-inch addition. This is the perfect case for someone who would rather have a less bulky case covering their iPad. Consumers get a 1-year warranty with this case from Speck. We rate this case 3/5 stars for its design choices and protection.

[amazon link=”B01BYKF842″ title=” Targus 3D Protection Folio Case” /]

[amazon box=”B01BYKF842″]

This case isn't very bulky although it does have triangular ridges designed to protect the iPad from falls. This case will cost $29.99. Like other cases on this list, it receives amazing reviews from customers. Customers love the price and design of this case. Although it's pretty light consumers believe this case to be completely damage and fall-proof. We rate this case 3/5 stars for the awesome price and protection from falls.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best iPad Air 2 case consider how much you’re willing to spend. Think about if you’ll be keeping the case on at all times or do you like to take them off and switch up the look? For those who have cracked their phones or tablets in the past, try using a case with optimal durability and fall protection. YouTube and the retailer should be able to tell you just how fall proof a case is.

If you go in store they’ll also let you know which case is the best to use. With the majority of iPad Air 2 cases, they should also be able to fit the iPad Pro 9.7-inch model. That's because the layouts and metrics of these iPads are almost identical. Since both models are so similar, you can search for iPad Pro 9.7-inch cases and still see cases and covers which will fit the iPad Air 2. One reason to do this is to get a look at some of the newer cases and designs.

This is a great benefit of having the iPad Air 2. You’ll be able to pick the best iPad Air 2 case from a wide variety of cases.

What’s the Difference Between iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7-inch?

Siver iPad on top of macbook Pro

Image source: unsplash.com

As mentioned, these iPads are nearly identical in structure. So, what's the real difference between the two models? Let's take a brief look at some of the differences. The camera, volume keys, and power buttons are all in the same locations, as well as the head jack. The differences between these two iPads come with a look inside the system and how the iPad Pro 9.7 operates.

The iPad Pro 9.7 has a 4-speaker set-up which is an upgrade from the iPad Air 2. Apple pencil can only be used on the newer model as well. The last difference is the color scheme. You get 4 color options with the iPad Pro 9.7 versus 3. They’re both exactly the same in height and weight as well.

Make Your Final Decision

Now you’re ready to get out there and find the best iPad Air 2 case for your needs. There’s hundreds of cases out there to choose from. You may choose a sleek case with minimal bulk, but if you’re on the clumsy side go with the most durable case you can find.

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