Best Home Office Printer? Which One Should You Choose?

An office printer for your home can't be too expensive like a commercial printer, but it can't also be like a slow as a snail home printer, struggling to push out less than even 10 pages per minute. A good home printer is one that finds the right balance between affordability and printing efficiency.

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Below, we have given you five recommendations on what we think are the best home office printers out there in the market today.

A Guide to Buying a Home Office Printer

Spoilt for choice or no clue what features you’re looking for? Either way, here’s our buying guide to ensure you find the best home office printer for your needs before we share the best units.

Choose The Right Type of Printer For You

First, you’ll need to establish which type of printer is right for you. The six main types of printers offer a wide range of functions to enhance your home office.

Laser Printers

These can be expensive to purchase but have the speed and durability you need for a busy home office. They have a high printing rate and can power through copious amounts of paper to prevent you having to reload. Simply press print and allow the device to get to work for you.

Inkjet Printers

Alternatively, if you are shopping on a budget, inkjet printers are a great go-to. Although they might have a slower printing speed, they get the job done, plus are ideal if a printer isn’t an absolute necessity to your home. They’re portable and come in a smaller design so you can move them around with you; ideal if you love a change of scenery or intend to take your printer on your work travels with you.

All-in-One Printers

If a printer is essential to your work, you might require an all-in-one device. These can scan, copy, and print all from one unit, and make your administration task easy. They’re great for home and pleasure and have so many features to them that you won’t need separate equipment for each task. They’re available in laser or inkjet which provides excellent versatility if you can’t make your mind up. All-in-one printers also have high standards when it comes to quality, so you won’t experience any smears or blurry edges.  

A3 Printers

Another printer option is A3 printers. These devices tend to be more expensive than the above models, but offer excellent text quality, speed, and durability. They can get through multiple pieces of paper in a short amount of time, which is great for anyone on the go.

Wireless Printers

If you like to be free from wires or intend to use your printer for an array of devices, a wireless model is a great option for you. Connect your laptop, phone, or tablet with ease, without lengthy installations. As wireless printers can connect to multiple devices at one time, they’re great for a busy household and those on the move. You can print your important documents without having to be in the same room as the unit.

Air Technology Printers

Do you like the idea of printing documents while you’re on the go? Plus, if you’re not a fan of installing software onto your devices, air and cloud technology allows you to connect your chosen device to your printer and print while you’re out of the room. This is great for forgetful minds or if you often work in different locations but still need access to a printer.


If you live a hectic life, you need a printer that can keep up with your busy days. Unfortunately, speed is often overlooked as most users focus on price and performance instead. However, if you need to print 100 pages every day, you might be happy to compensate quality for a faster printing speed. If you wish to focus on speed, bear in mind that the image resolution will typically be worse.

However, printers in the top range can offer high printing speeds as well as excellent image and text quality.

Another factor to consider is the printing options your printer offers. Most have various settings that enable you to choose a quicker speed while reducing the resolution and quality.


Technology can be amazing, but it can also be frustrating if you don’t know how to use it. Thankfully, there are many printers on the market that are easy to use. Having one that isn’t frustrating to operate on a daily basis will reduce any stress in your life and not make printing something you dread every day.

Throughout your printer search, you should always be considering what the main purpose of your printer is. If you plan to load media to the device, is this possible to do? Ask yourself if the printer has a control panel too, as this can make operating the unit easy as everything is clearly stated on the screen. Can you save preferences so you don’t have to constantly adjust the settings each time you use the printer? Finally, can you simply press print and leave the device to work by itself, or are there several steps to follow?

Operational Costs

Aside from the up-front fee, have you contemplated how much the printer you’re interested in will cost to maintain and operate? It’s important that you take the time to research this information to avoid spending an unexpected fortune down the line. Consider how much ink you need based on your printing needs and look at these costs. Is there a monthly subscription you can sign up for which will save you money in the long run?

Does the printer require a downloadable software to operate it? It’s also important that the printer is easy to operate and fix if you don’t have a technician who can fix any unexpected errors. You could also look into if the manufacturer has a free support service to assist you in such scenarios.

Size and Design

If you have a small home office, you’ll require a printer that is compact. With limited desk space, a bulky, large device won’t fit into your room and go to good use. We recommend measuring your available space before looking into printers to ensure that you purchase the correct dimensions for your needs.

Another factor to consider with the design is if you require a portable printer. If so, you’ll require a lightweight and small device that’ll preferably fit into a handy bag for carrying around with you.


Have you thought about how you’d prefer to connect your printer to your devices? If your printer only connects by Wi-Fi by your home Internet speed is slow, you might want to reconsider what other options you have. For example, Ethernet or USB cables are ideal options in such cases. However, these connection options might not be a good solution if you want to use the printer while you’re in another room.

Another consideration to make is if you can connect multiple devices to the printer at one time. Maybe you wish to print from your laptop, phone and tablet at different occasions. If so, installing your chosen device each time will quickly become boring. Finally, consider how the printer will send you messages, such as errors with the printer. If you want to print from another room but it’ll send a message only to your laptop, you’ll need to reconsider the connection options.

Finding The Best Home Office Printer From Our Selection

1. Epson WorkForce WF-3540

As the name suggests, this very popular printer from Epson gives you a great balance of cost value combined with excellent speed as well as cost efficiency.

  • The world’s fastest 2-sided printing/copying/scanner
  • Black 1 sided printing speed - 15 ppm
  • 3.5′ inch touchscreen for quick navigation
  • Up to 500 sheet paper capacity (less reloading)
  • Up to 40% lower operational costs when compared to laser printers
  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Integrated with Epson Connect
  • 30-page auto document feeder for hands-free copying, scanning and faxing
  • Up to 70% less power than laser printers

Costing less than $150, this is by far the most popular printer for home office use out there. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, this printer is absolutely great for mobile printing, should you want to quickly print documents on your phone, iPad or Android tablet, even if it is from the next room in your home office! Putting out a very good 15 pages every minute will mean that your businesslike printing is done very quickly, at a cost that your small business or home business can easily sustain.

This all-in-one printer is easy to operate, and this is mainly due to having multiple connection options. You have the choice of using the printer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB, so you can use it on an array of devices in a range of circumstances. We’re a huge fan of the LCD screen that features lit touch buttons surrounding the panel so you’re always aware of what button you’ve pressed. This is functional and practical and enhances the printer’s design too.

This all-in-one printer is also equipped with scanning capabilities and the automatic document feeder can scan both sides of one piece of paper at the same time. If you plan on scanning thick materials, this might be a concern for you as the Epson Workforce device struggles with sturdy materials.

Most importantly, the printing quality is excellent, and it produces equal quality is black and white as it does in color. If you’re a fan of glossy paper, you can enhance your photographs with this material. But, for plain black documents, the text is sharp and legible, making it ideal for office situations.

2. Canon Laser imageCLASS Wireless 
Multifunction Printer

If you run a serious home office that requires nothing but brisk black printing and copying, this is the best home office printer for those needs. With its ability to put out a very impressive 26 pages each minute, printing and copying is an absolute breeze.

You know the folks at Canon intended this device for a home office when you see the extra work that has gone into the design of this printer; it works silently with minimal operational noise.
  • Monochrome printing/copying at up to 26 ppm
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Print, scan, copy and fax
  • 50 sheet document feeder
  • ID card copy mode
  • Convenient single cartridge system
  • Energy star guidelines compliant

If you can afford to spend close to $200 and are in need of a fast printer that is uncomplicated and gives you print after print without much intervention, this Canon printer is a very strong candidate. However, remember that it doesn’t have color prints. If you can afford to spend close to $200 and are in need of a fast printer that is uncomplicated and gives you print after print without much intervention, this Canon printer is a very strong candidate. However, remember that it doesn’t have color prints.

This printer has excellent security options to prevent anyone from looking at personal documents. The Secure Print feature allows you to lock sensitive documents using a personal identification number so only you can access the printer. This is great if you have a busy household with people coming in and out all the time to prevent anyone from accessing sensitive information. This Canon Laser printer features an array of connection options including Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB. There’s also an array of devices you can connect it to, including laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

This-all-in-one printer is chunkier and heavier than most other units in this article, but this additional size offers a larger paper capacity. Specifically, it can hold up to 650 sheets with two options including a multipurpose tray and sheet cassette. For an additional fee, you can also add up to three paper drawers to hold a maximum of 2,300 sheets. This is great for storage if you use a printer regularly. If you’re looking for a printer that can deliver more than black and white copies, the Canon imageCLASS supports many popular programs, including Adobe PostScript to make it suitable for graphic design and photography. 

3.Brother Printer Work Smart Wireless
Color Inkjet All In One Printer

This will make an excellent value purchase for your home office needs if your printing needs are not very voluminous. Costing just over $100, this printer, in fast mode, can output a very impressive 33 pages per minute in black and an even more impressive 27 pages in this timeframe in color!

Featuring a wireless connection means that this printer will be ready to use after just plugging into the wall outlet.
  • Black – Up to 33 ppm (Fast Mode)
  • Color – Up to 27 ppm (Fast Mode)
  • Black – 12 ppm (Normal Mode)
  • Color – 10 ppm (Normal Mode)
  • 2.7′ touchscreen LCD for easy navigation
  • Print, scan, copy and fax
  • Two-sided printing enabled
  • Up to 20 pages in auto feeder

Go for this printer if your home office doesn’t need printing every day or if prints only 5-10 pages every once in a while. The low cost of use and the ease with which it can be set up makes it a great home office printer for a small business with low volume and occasional printing needs.

This home office printer is great if you regularly make copies, and at 19.8 seconds, this is much quicker than the average speed of 26.5 seconds. In black and white, you can expect only 15.7 seconds, which slightly falls behind compared to the Canon Pixma TS6020, which can scan in less than 10 seconds.

The most important factor about an office printer is the print quality. Thankfully, this unit has high standards and the text prints sharp, especially when compared to other inkjet printers. If you plan on printing double-sided, you should be aware that there will likely be some lighter and darker patches, along with speckled edges. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re only printing for draft requirements.

If you intend on using the printer for photographs onto plain paper, it’s worth bearing in mind that the colors and details won’t be as sharp compared to other materials. Instead, invest in suitable paper choices depending on what you’re printing. For example, using glossy paper will improve the tonal range and overall quality.

4. Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro4000 Color MFP

This Lexmark home printer will be a good choice if you are looking to save on ongoing printing costs, thanks to the printer's ability to lower-laser maintenance costs by as much as 50% per sheet of printer paper. Customer reviews also suggest that this is one printer that doesn't give you a frustrating paper jam problem that affects the vast number of printers out there.

  • Black – 21 ppm
  • Color – 14 ppm
  • Print, copy, scan and fax
  • Up to 50% reduced printing cost per page
  • 99.9% paper jam free operation
  • Wireless operation
  • Long life cartridges capable of
  • Up to 2500 pages on a single cartridge
  • Up to 1600 color pages on a single color cartridge
  • 5-second scans
  • Built-in shortcut functions to boost printing productivity

The printer comes with individually replaceable color cartridges, which means that you won't have to throw out a color cartridge just because one of the primary colors runs out. At around $150, this is a printer that will pay you back in less than a year by helping you save on printing costs. An ideal choice if you print 10 or more pages in a day.

The duplex speed is incredible and above average compared to the average printer. Specifically, it can print at 4.5spm for a 20-side document. This speed also includes drying time via the control in the printer so that you can touch the documents without transferring any ink to your hands. However, if you want to use this unit to print out photos, you should be aware that they can emerge slightly wet, so always handle with care. Alternatively, for plain-text documents, the prints are smudge-free and sharply printed. 

5. Brother MFC7860DW Monochrome 
Printer with Scanner, Copier & Fax

This is another business-like printer for your home office. With the ability to zap out 27 ppm in black, you can use this printer for medium to heavy printing needs in your office.

It comes with a 250-sheet capacity paper tray and a 35-page document feeder. It provides 2-sided printing and printing resolution of up to a very impressive 19200 dpi.

  • Black – 27 ppm
  • Duplex printing enabled (2-sided)
  • Print, scan, copy and fax (No PC needed)
  • 35-page auto document feeder
  • 250 sheet capacity loading tray
  • Wireless connectivity
  • ID card copy mode
  • 32 MB inbuilt memory can store up to 500 pages
  • Scan one-sided documents to copy or print in two-sided format
  • Up to 2600 pages on a single cartridge

Despite its fairly compact size, this printer puts out prints that are typical of larger, noisier and more expensive printers. Though you don’t get color, this is a great printer if your home office prints even 20-30 pages a day. Even printing 30 pages a day, you can make a single cartridge last almost three months, which is quite impressive.

We’re a huge fan of the monochrome LCD screen in the center of the printer, as this feature makes the printer extremely user-friendly and provides an organized approach to your printing needs. The printer lacks a USB port and memory card reader, so you can’t print off documents from these devices, which is something you should bear in mind. However, if you only wish to use the printer with your laptop at home, there’s probably no need for this external feature anyway.

This printer is an ideal purchase for printing rough drafts, as the characters from the text aren’t perfect, and can sometimes be slightly blurred. The overall quality of images is to a high standard and shows off this device’s capabilities. Finally, if you’re one to prepare a printing job and then walk off, you’ll appreciate the beep from the speaker that reminds you the printer is preparing for a new job. This is a handy feature to know that the printer has processed your request. 

The Overall Best Home Office Printer

We believe the five devices above have an array of features to offer home offices. But if we had to limit this article to only one printer, the winner would be the Canon Laser imageCLASS device. This decision is purely down to the fast printing speeds, low operational costs, and the printer’s design. It isn’t as bulky as some competitors’ products, although the printer still has a high-capacity for paper. Although multiple users can’t use this printer at the same time, that doesn’t limit the printer’s capabilities and performance.

What are your thoughts on our home office printers? Have any of the above options caught your eyes or have we missed some of the best options on the market right now? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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