Best Android One Smartphones in Emerging Economies

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The Google backed Android One program is an ambitious project that was created with an intention to make the smartphone an affordable phone in emerging markets like India, Nepal and the Philippines. Though it has got off to fairly slow start, there are many great Android One smartphones out there. Below, you will find brief reviews of what we think are the best Android One smartphones out there today.

Karbonn Sparkle V

Karbonn’s Sparkle V offers a stable, smooth performance and good looking design. However, its low internal memory needs an SD card; you’ll note that usage of SD card is a requirement in all Android One smartphones when it comes to storing photos.

The phone has a 4.5 inch display with a resolution of 480×854 pixels which is an Android One specification and is the same with the Micromax Canvas A1 and Spice Dream Uno. With Android One specification, consumers can afford a good quality smartphone at an affordable rate.

Besides its rubber matt finish on the back side and excellent touch screen response, Karbonn Sparkle V is your best buy if you’d like to stay abreast with the latest and have your smartphone updated. Karbonn has tried to provide variation with more back cover color options (blue, red, white and black).

Micromax Canvas A1

Micromax has taken an extra step in making Canvas A1’s design unique whereby its rear panel has an outline across the camera adding a bit of distinctive style. But for this, the look of a Canvas A1 isn’t anything unique. You’ll bring back memories of Nokia Lumia 1020 when you look at the rear side.

All Android One phones run on 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek processor which delivers smooth performance that meets the usage of an average smart phone user. Of the 4GB internal memory available on offer, only 2.27GB is available for your usage. This forces you to opt for a memory card, which you’d do with any of the three Android One smartphones.

Android One phone has expandable memory storage. You can extend your memory up to 32 GB with a micro SD card.

Spice Dream Uno

Spice is the third of the three musketeers to launch the Android One smartphone. Like in the case of Canvas A1 and Sparkle V, Spice Android One Dream UNO Mi-498 also has a rubber finish back panel. It comes with an additional 10GB spice cloud storage space.

The rear camera unit of Dream UNO is quite bland as compared to the big circular metal of Canvas A1 and rectangle shape of Sparkle V. However, Dream UNO’s camera unit peeps out of the back panel. For some, it gives an attractive look at first sight. But you’ll regret feeling so if the lens get scratched while dragging its surface. On the whole, Spice doesn’t offer anything new besides carrying forward all the good features Android One offers.

You will get 6 months of free software updates from Google for Android One devices.

Android One smartphones are the best entry-level smartphones available in developing markets. With Android One, budget smartphones have just got cheaper. Basically, every other OEM will be able to get the same access as, say, a Nexus or previously, a Motorola device with the Android One standardization from Google.

Good news is that the updates will be consistent and you will be able to uninstall any pre-installed app that you want. As explained through this article, all Android One smartphones have the same reference hardware. The difference lies only in its design, mostly in the design changes to just the back panel.

If you need a smartphone that doesn’t cost a small fortune and want it to be smart while also having a solid brand name behind it, Android One is definitely the way to go forward.

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