The Best 4K Televisions: March 2015

The highlight of CES 2015 was  the adoption of ultra-high definition televisions. The television industry is poised for a resolution revolution, so here is a quick overview of top five 4K televisions that have topped the charts in 2015. Start your search here if you’re looking for a serious upgrade for your living room.

Samsung UE48HU7500

You can now enjoy the clarity of 4K resolution in a 48-inch screen that fits inconspicuously in your cabinet. Samsung’s offering boasts a super-slim design with curved edges and an aluminum casing. In spite of being a few inches smaller than ‘usual’ 4K televisions, it still delivers excellent picture quality.

It comes with a 3D conversion mode and an active 3D shutter. Gaming or movie watching with 3D glasses is a pleasurable experience on this TV. You can also record live TV programs by plugging a USB or hard drive into your TV.

(Credit: Samsung)

(Credit: Samsung)

Smart televisions are becoming more and more popular nowadays, reducing the need for ugly set-top-boxes in your TV cabinet. The Netflix app comes pre-installed so you can watch shows like Blacklist or House of Cards in Native 4K. Netflix is investing in original 4K content so it is a huge advantage to have the service built into the system.

The Samsung UE48HU7500 model includes a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. It also uses Near Field Communication, or NFC, which isn’t ubiquitous among 4K televisions at the moment. NFC allows for a quick and easy connection between your Android phone and television. Naturally, you’ll find this functionality on many of Samsung’s phones. (NFC is also what makes Apple Pay work, but Apple keeps the functionality locked down only to that service– you can’t connect your iPhone to this television.)

Sony KD-65X9005B

Sony manages to produce some of the best 4K televisions on the market. This offering has a very attractive and unique design, making this television the centerpiece of your living room.

(Credit: Sony)

(Credit: Sony)

This model also has an on-board HEVC decoder for Netflix, allowing for 4K  quality video at a fraction of the data cost.

The KD-65X9005B sports a new menu that gives access to most features from the home screen. It renders a recommendation of TV shows that can be watched via the Freeview HD tuner. Sony’s Smart TV is designed with the benefits of UHD pictures in mind. The on-demand movie streaming services, attractive styling, and included speakers ensures owning a Sony 4K TV is worth the money spent.

Samsung UE65HU8500

The main difference between this model and the previously mentioned one is that this television features a curved screen. There is a lot of discussion over the benefits of a curved television. Samsung claims that the curved display emulates the cinema experience, and it brings your entertainment system to life.

(Credit: Samsung)

(Credit: Samsung)

Samsung once again scores big with stunning 2D and 3D picture quality. The curved design with edge LED lighting accentuates the tone, contrast and picture quality of the display It supports active 3D playback and it includes two pairs of 3D glasses.

Samsung  extends the longevity of the device by providing an upgradable connection suite. This model supports HDMI 2.0, but you don’t have to worry about changing connection standards over time. You can switch out connection modules whenever connection standards change over time. Like many other modern offerings, it also supports HEVC playback.

LG 65LA970W


(Credit: LG)


LG is trying to combat the stereotype of poor television audio with their LA970W series. The panel is a bit thicker than many, but  the set provides top-notch audio quality that makes the best use of the design. The speaker is accompanied by a sub-woofer in the rear allowing for a mour expansive soundscape.

The IPS panel renders wider viewing angles. Tru-ULTRA HD can upscale SD to HD content and HD to UHD quality. LG’s own Cinema 3D is another key differentiation. The 3D system can render full 1080-line 3D images as opposed to weaker conversion technologies in many UHD televisions.

Vizio P-Series

4K Televisions Vizio

(Credit: Vizio/YouTube)


4K Ultra HD televisions from Vizio are some of the best additions to new models in the market. The Vizio P-Series has the best of UHD specs for an affordable price that makes it an exciting option for consumers. They’re darn cheap– a 52 inch P-Series television is only $999.99 MSRP.

The P-Series is available in 5 different sizes with same specs providing excellent choices for any budget. You can get a massive 70 inch screen that packs the best of UHD TV into a thin design. It also has HEVC support for streaming 4K content from Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The verdict

People want more pixels in their televisions. Consumers want sharper and clearer images. 4K televisions are getting cheaper every month, right now these televisions are priced within reach for many consumers. The issue is content– it’s tough to come by native 4K programming at the moment. This all changes in time, because more 4K content will be made after more people buy 4K televisions. These televisions prepare you for the future– when 4K content becomes more popular, you’re the first in line to consume it. If you’re looking for an entertainment upgrade, these are a great place to start.

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