How To Get iMessage On PC – Beginner’s Ultimate Guide

As technology continues to advance at an incredible rate in the digital age, it is increasingly possible for people to continue using an app as they switch from one device to another, picking up exactly where you left off. In fact, people have come to expect it. It is...
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Reviewing the 5 Best Smartphones for Photographers

Thanks to remarkable advances in technology, your phone isn’t just for the random selfie or quick snap. In fact, phone cameras are good enough now to serve as backups to your “real” cameras. Better yet, smartphones can serve as your main camera. With that in mind, we’re...
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How to Maximize the Security of Your New iMac

Ever since the hilarious, popular, and enormously successful Get a Mac campaign a decade ago, Macs have enjoyed the reputation of being impenetrable by viruses, malware, and the like. By and large, that’s been true, but as more and more people choose the Mac OSX over...
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