Apple Unveils iWatch Along with iPhone 6

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Apple’s first wearable gadget. “Apple Watch” was unveiled yesterday at a launch event in Cupertino along with the much awaited iPhone 6.  Interestingly, Apple seems to have dropped the “i” prefix, as millions of people were thinking that it would be called the iWatch and not the Apple Watch. Anyways, it goes without saying that Apple fans around the world are excited about the prospects of sending messages, checking notifications and launching apps from a wrist watch. Considering that Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola are already in the fray, experts were geared up to see what Apple had to offer when the iWatch was officially launched.

We are bringing to you all the latest news we have heard about iWatch from experts, right from the time news got around of Apple entering the market. It was reported in late 2012 that Apple is working with Intel to design a wrist band with 1.5 inch OLED display and now we know for sure that Apple has indeed invested in a smart watch that runs on iOS. From then to now, the product has been a hot topic among gossip mongers.


Variants of the stunning new Apple iWatch
It was believed that the iWatch will leverage the HealthKit – a set of fitness tracking apps introduced in iOS 8 to provide consolidated health information to the user. iWatch was expected to seamlessly integrate with existing devices that run on iOS to take advantage of existing features.

There has been no concrete information available on the specifications but information that has leaked indicates Apple has designed a larger 2.5 inch touch screen. As said earlier, one of the key features of the iWatch would be its ability to monitor health. According to Reuters, Apple might introduce the NFC technology in iWatch and iPhone 6 that would enable users to pay utility bills from their smart watch. iWatch is slated to revolutionize the computing world as Apple plans to introduce a Homekit that will allow users to control home appliances through the smart watch. Doesn’t that sound like being in a fantasy world? Apple has proven to set trends with path-breaking innovation and the iWatch will not be an exception. Ever since news of iWatch has been trickling in, Mac users are thrilled and curious to know the details. Hence, the launch event on Tuesday was closely watched by thousands world over.

Most of the rumors have been proven true in yesterday’s launch. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple announced Apple Pay that will let users make payments from Mac devices. After unveiling iPhone 6, a video showing a watch that integrates with your iPhone was played.  

iwatch launch cupertino
The smart watch’s dial is known as “Crown”. The screen is smaller than expected and would be available in two sizes: 1.5 and 1.7 inches. Users can scroll, swipe, zoom and hard tap to access apps on the watch. For some reason, apple has dropped the ‘i’ of the smart watch and announced it as the ‘Apple Watch’ instead of its well known name ‘iWatch’.  The Apple Watch will come in three variations – standard, sport and an ‘edition’ version. The watch will also come with six different band styles that you can change to suit your taste.

You will be able to reply to your messages by dictating the response instead of typing them out with Apple Watch. Apple has integrated most of siri functionality into the smart watch. Now, you can access maps from your wrist and search locations using voice commands. The watch has a speaker and a microphone too. You can make and receive calls on your watch. Like it was widely rumored, the smart watch comes with a robust health and fitness tracker to monitor heart beat and your activity all day long. A digital ring is available that will help you keep track of your goals.


apple iWatch styles
pple has even partnered with Starwood hotels to extend lifestyle features. You will be able to unlock the door of your hotel room by waving your watch in front of it. Isn’t that cool? Apple Watch will change the way you have been doing simple tasks. The smart watch can be integrated with iPhone 5c, 5s and iPhone 6, 6 plus which was well received by tech experts.

One of the key challenges that Apple has to tackle with smart watches is the battery life. There isn’t much to write home about the battery life of existing smart watches in the market. Experts are waiting to see how Apple circumvents the issue. If Apple aims to transform the wearable technology market then, improving the battery life would be a key focus area. Wireless charging capability can be an alternative solution to an average battery life as it would make frequent charging easier. Another possibility that is being rumored is – Apple might use a ‘Stepped” battery instead of the normal battery which is expected to improve battery life by 16 percent. We still don’t know what Apple is doing to improve the battery life and might have to wait for it till the product hits the market.

Finally, we know the price that a user will have to pay to relish the cool technology provided by Apple Watch. It would be priced at $349 and will be available in the markets in early 2015. We aren’t sure if any lower priced alternatives would also be offered during the launch. It is exhilarating times ahead for Apple lovers. Stay tuned as we bring more information about the new gadgets Apple product engineers are designing for the next generation.

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