Apple Products in 2016: The New Apple iPhone and More

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new Apple iPhone

What’s New for Apple: the New Apple iPhone SE and iPad Pro

new Apple iPhone

The iPhone SE

I consider myself of average height and build so I imagine my hands are of average size (whatever that means…). I purchased the iPhone 6 because I needed a new phone, I knew I was sticking with Apple, and it was the smallest new phone available. I wish I had waited for the iPhone SE! I am thrilled to see the return to a smaller, more manageable size phone.

Released back on March 31, the iPhone SE thus far has great reviews! Techies describe it as an iPhone 6 stuffed into the body of an iPhone 5. Sweet!

iPad Pro

new Apple iPhone

Also released at the end of March, the iPad Pro comes in two sizes and many describe it as Apple’s attempt to stuff their MacBook Air into a tablet. This Pro is Apple’s closest drift toward the Microsoft Surface. Because of this edge into hybrid laptop/tablet space, the iPad Pro is the largest tablet from Apple and the most expensive. Reviewers thus far saw this product is amazing for graphic artists, especially with the speciality Pencil, but it is still not a full laptop replacement for most professionals.

Rose Gold Updated MacBook

new apple iphone

In April 2016 Apple announced the updated MacBook with “the latest Intel processors, improved graphics performance, faster flash storage and an additional hour of battery life.” Some Mac watchers expressed disappointment — they were waiting for a total processor refresh — but, most reviewers acknowledged the updates made an already great laptop even better. This new MacBook has a 12 inch display, only a tiny bit larger than the smallest MacBook Air (at 11.6 inches) and is 0.35 pounds lighter than the Air. It also comes in four colors, while the Air is only available in silver. All of that, plus a few other perks, and the MacBook costs $1,299 (compared with the Air’s starting price of $899).

What’s Rumored for Apple

I know it’s not 2007 anymore and Apple isn’t the coolest kid on the block anymore, but I can’t help myself. Apple products feel like home to me. I keep a close eye on rumored new products and software and here’s a few tidbits:

  • Industry analysts expect major new software announcements at Apples’ WWCD16 even this June.
  • Siri at home: many market watchers expect Apple to announce Siri at Home (or something similar to combat Amazon’s Alexa).
  • Expect to see updates to Apple Music in June 2016 as well.

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What updates or new products are you most looking forward to from Apple? 

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