AnyTrans Review: How Does It Work And Is It Worth It?

It’s quite evident that many iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iMac users are notorious fanatics of the Apple brand. By default, most of these users resort to using the iTunes media player for iOS file transfers without minding the several limitations that iTunes present on file transfer.a

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Due to the restrictions on resource and content management, the number of iOS users looking for iTunes alternatives keeps growing. iMobile’s AnyTrans is noticeably one of the more common alternatives on the market. It is designed to suit your specific iOS content management needs.

Here is a comprehensive AnyTrans review:

What is AnyTrans?


AnyTrans from iMobile is a comprehensive file management system that is compatible with all iOS devices. You can integrate it to your iCloud device, manage your backup files, and copy files to and from your device.

It also allows you to clone your files from one device to another, download videos from video hosting sites, and create offline videos.

With its simple, fast, and cooler features, it is probably the best iTunes alternative when it comes to managing the contents of your device. Moreover, it comes with a slick operating interface that is clean and minimal.

AnyTrans Review: Specifications and Features

1. Sync and Transfer

Sync and Transfer

Just like iTunes, AnyTrans allows you to synchronize files from your computer to your iPhone, but changes the way you do it. AnyTrans eliminates the “library” concept and allows you to manually add files to your iPad or iPhone. It reads your phone as a physical drive, thus, prevents constant re-sync and duplication when copying files.

Transferring media between two iOS devices with AnyTrans is also simpler. It allows the two devices to connect directly for easy sharing of music, photos, videos, playlists, and other types of data.

2. Interface Design

Interface Design

Year in, year out, Apple revises the iTunes’ interface to make it more minimalistic, simpler, and easier to use. While there have been significant improvements lately, more still needs to be done. The moment you try out AnyTrans, you will realize just how much more work Apple needs to put into iTunes.

AnyTrans has a fast, minimalist interface that’s easy to navigate, making it easier to manage, sync, and transfer data and apps. iMobile definitely nailed it on this one!

3. iCloud Explorer

iCloud Explorer

AnyTrans allows you to manage and access your iCloud accounts. You can sync all your data across all accounts, drag important files to your main account, and send other personal information from one account to another.

You can also edit and manage your contacts, photos, notes, videos, and calendar events.

4. Android - iPhone File Transfer

Android - iPhone File Transfer

AnOne of the biggest challenges of changing from one operating system to another – say from Android to iPhone – is losing your data. Fortunately, with AnyTrans, you don’t have to go through this ordeal.

This program allows you to move your old data to your new iPhone regardless of the operating system your old phone used. This means that all your contacts, videos, photos, messages, music, and more can be swiftly transferred from your Android phone to your Apple device with just a click of a button.

AnyTrans also allows you to transfer content from your old iPhone/iPad to your new Apple device. This is extremely helpful especially with the frequent release of new iPhone models.

5. Android - iPhone File Transfer

 Android - iPhone File Transfer

AnyTrans has an inbuilt app manager that allows you to browse through your file system and find details about the installed apps. With this manager, you don’t have to constantly clear cache on iFile.

Any files you send to your iPhone using AnyTrans, will go into a “holding area” from where you can choose exactly where you want it to go. For example, if you send a video, it’ll be stored in its own AnyTrans album. From there, you can select the specific album on your iPhone to which you would like it to be stored.

Moreover, when sending files to your iPhone/iPad, you won’t have to worry about the type of file formats. AnyTrans will automatically convert all the files into versions that are compatible with iOS.

6. Backup Management

Backup Management

One of the most annoying things about the iOS backup system on iTunes is that you cannot know what is stored in your backup. Sure, it may have stored all your photos, messages, emails, and apps, but you can’t look at them.

AnyTrans, on the other hand, not only manages your backups, but also allows you to preview what’s stored in the backups. With this feature, you can also selectively backup texts and apps to your iPhone, something you can’t do on iTunes.

7. Video Download

Video Download

OTo top it all off, AnyTrans lets you download videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Instagram, BBC, and more. And it’s easy to do this. Simply enter a video’s URL and then press “Go” – you’ll have the video on your phone in no time. texts and apps to your iPhone, something you can’t do on iTunes.

8. Easy Personalization

Easy Personalization

One AnyTrans feature that is appealing to a wide range of people around the world is the fact that you can use this software in seven languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.

Additionally, you can match the file manager to the color of your iOS device. Currently, there are five different downloadable skins.

AnyTrans Review: How Much Does it Cost?

AnyTrans logo

AnyTrans is not a free software. However, it does come with a free trial mode that you can use to evaluate the software before buying. The free trial offers limited access to the AnyTrans’ features. You can only use it for one week, and file transfers are limited to 50 per day.

Here is an iMobile AnyTrans review of the two main types of licenses:

  • Personal License: This AnyTrans license will cost $39.99. It offers you access to all AnyTrans features, however, you can only use it for one computer.
  • Family License: This AnyTrans license will cost you $59.99. It also offers you full access to all AnyTrans features. Unlike the personal package, this license allows you to use as many computers as you want.

If you have any issues with your package, feel free to contact the support.

AnyTrans Review: Is it Safe to Use?

android and apple brand

From a malware and virus standpoint, AnyTrans is absolutely safe.

The installer file in your computer will download the latest AnyTrans version from the official iMobile website and install it directly to your device. Both the installed program files and the installer file pass scans from various anti-virus programs.

However, the file manager may allow you to access some system-level files that are hidden by default. It is, therefore, possible to delete a file that you shouldn’t.

But as long as you delete files that you understand and installed, AnyTrans is very safe. It will not affect the normal operations of your Apple device. And if in the unfortunate event something goes wrong with your device, you can restore all your data from a backup copy you saved on AnyTrans.

Pros and Cons

After analyzing the pros and cons in this AnyTrans review, you will have a better understanding of why it is one of the most preferred alternatives to iTunes.


  • Duplicate files can occupy a lot of space in your phone’s storage. With AnyTrans, you can delete the duplicate files from your contact lists and iTunes library.
  • AnyTrans is lightweight and allows you to backup and restore data faster than iTunes.
  • AnyTrans allows you to manage and review your iCloud backups as well as restore data from your backup copy selectively.
  • AnyTrans has a free version to give users an idea of what the whole program is about and how it works before buying it.
  • You can easily customize the program to suit your personal preferences.


  • The free version of the program has limited features and only lasts a week.
  • For unlimited access of the program, you must pay a least $39.99 (for one computer)
  • AnyTrans is very resource-intensive. This means that your device will be utilizing all of its processing power when the program is running.

AnyTrans Alternatives

Man using laptop

A comprehensive AnyTrans review is not complete without comparing it to its competitors. Some common iTunes alternatives include:

1. iTransfer

iSkysoft’s iTransfer (formally TunesOver) is used to transfer files from your MacBook or iMac to your Apple device while converting audios and videos to playable formats on Apple devices. Apart from data transfer, the program allows you to organize files – you can create, move, rename, or delete them.

iTransfer is compatible with Mac OSX 10.11, iOS 9, and lower versions. A Windows version is also available from which you can transfer files between PCs and Apple devices. Even better, you can convert the live videos and photos from your iPhone to GIF images.

iTransfer is much faster and simpler to use compared to iTunes. Its file format converting function allows users to directly transfer their audios and videos with no worries about playback errors. However, some users complain that the speed of transferring files is not as fast as advertised.

2. TunesGo

Wondershare’s TunesGo is a fast iOS transfer program that’s compatible with all Mac, iOS 9, and Windows 10 devices. When transferring files, all types of files are synced between devices without duplicating the contents.

Transfer of files between iOS devices is also simpler – you can easily copy files from your old iPhone to your new one without any hassle. And if the library is damaged or lost, you can use TunesGo to rebuild your entire library. To save on space, you can convert live videos and photos to GIF images.

Like most iTunes alternatives, TunesGo design majorly focuses on ease of use. You can connect several Apple devices simultaneously for direct transfer of files. However, you cannot edit playlists, and loading data from Apple devices is quite slow.

3. CopyTrans

With CopyTrans, you can transfer videos and music from Apple devices to iTunes or PCs. It comes with two backup methods, manual backup and smart backup. The former allows you to transfer files from iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes or a specified path of a hard drive on your PC. The latter enables you to sync all your data in the iTunes library while filtering out the duplicate content.

The manual backup is more personalized to your needs while the smart backup offers more convenience when transferring files. However, it may take longer when running batch transfer.

4. WinX MediaTrans

WinX MediaTrans is one of the best media transfer program. It offers a one-click solution to syncing your music, photos, videos, and other media files between Apple devices and your computer. You can select one or more items for single or batch transfer.

It also has a special music management feature that you can use to edit albums, artists of the song, delete songs, create playlists, and organize music according to genres.

WinX MediaTrans can transfer videos from the computer to the iPhone/iPad/iPod with an automatic format conversion for full-screen playback. Additionally, it can decode DRM protected music, shows, and movies purchased from Apple Music or iTunes to MP3 or MP4 for constant playback on any device.

The refreshing and straightforward interface makes it easy to use. The fast transfer speed and built-in video convertor save a lot of time.

So, is AnyTrans Worth it?

iPhone 6

With so many iTunes alternatives on the market, it’s safe to say that unless Apple tries to make iTunes better, there is a high chance that Apple device users will continue to stray away from the software and embrace programs like AnyTrans.

iMobile’s AnyTrans works efficiently and does not run into any issues whatsoever. It has a light, easy-to-use interface that’s totally safe from malware and viruses. It makes the overall user experience enjoyable and saves a significant amount of time when managing files on your devices.

The only shortcoming is the fact that you will have to part with at least $39.99 to fully utilize the program. But other than that, it is a very reliable program. You should definitely try it.

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