An Updated Look at Clean My Mac 3

Take Another Look at One of Our Favorite Mac Products

Full disclosure: we are affiliates for MacPaw’s Clean My Mac 3. However, I’ve used Clean My Mac 3 consistently for two years (since I started writing for MachMachines) and I love it and would never recommend it if I didn’t think it was a great software program. 

If you want more background, you can see our original Clean My Mac 3 product reviews here and here. The gist is this: Clean My Mac 3 is a truly affordable software program that gets rid of junk files and helps you uninstall old and unused applications. It goes above and beyond any cleaning program native to your Mac.

When it starts its scan it will go dee through your files, identifying the junk.

And, after completing its cleanup, it will let you know how much space you saved. Plus, you can view of log of the maintenance work.

I love all of the regular cleaning features, but what I love most about Clean My Mac 3 is the uninstaller feature. Some Mac apps like to hide files or junk folders on your hard drive and Clean My Mac 3 tracks associated files and folders down.

Recently, I wasn’t happy with this music file transfer program I had. However, it wouldn’t let me complete a simple drag and drop to the Trash. Clean My Mac 3 not only allowed me to complete an uninstall, but it also found that the program hid a plist file in the Preferences on my computer. Ugh!

So glad it was found by the cleaning software, though.

I told Clean My Mac 3 to get rid of it, it asked me if I was sure, and voilà, it was gone!

Just a happy customer on a Monday in spring.

So, what can I show you about Clean My Mac 3? What questions do you have about the software? Happy to answer!

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