8 Interesting News Apps for Your iPad

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News! These days, the news can be frightening, depressing and worrisome but that doesn’t mean that we can skip it. Staying on top of news, be it local news, state news, national or world news, news always gives us a new perspective on the life that we live. If you love catching up on the news on your iPad, you will love these 8 news apps as well, available just for the iPad.


news360 news app for ipad
News360 app provides a good summary of the top headlines from around the world. The app learns what you are interested in and finds those stories from around the web for you. You receive personalized news content based on your reading habits.

You can scan through the latest headlines with a really quick glance. The app collects headlines from trusted news sources and compiles a nice little synopsis for you. Stories that interest you can be read in detail, if you wish. The articles can be saved for offline reading as well.


circa news app for ipad
It is an ideal app for people who like to speed read news items without getting in reading lengthy editorial content pieces. Unlike most other apps that create a summary of news from other sources, Circa edits news to create compelling slideshows. The actual news is edited into small chunks and displayed as a slideshow.

The format is well-suited for iPad users who are keen to catch the latest news but don’t have time to go through them in detail. Circa is not for the serious news reader who likes to ponder and dissect a news article. It is best for users who want news spoken to them in a visual manner.

Circa also provides an option to receive notifications of significant events.


flipboard news app for ipad
It is the most popular news app among iPad users. Flipboard creates your own personal news content based on your social feed. It sieves through your social feed to identify news that would interest you. Flipboard provides you complete control of your news source. You can choose the news from different publications, feeds and even from content created by other users.

You can also help others users find news by creating a magazine and making it available for others to follow. Flipboard has an intuitive user interface which is very easy to navigate. The articles are well formatted for easy mobile viewing.

Flipboard is an absolute must have for your iPad.


pocket news app for ipad
Pocket is a cool news reading app on iPad that allows you to save articles for reading later. When you come across any interesting article you can save it to Pocket app and continue with your current task. The app then downloads the article for later viewing. The article could be from a tweet, mail or from any place on the web. Think bookmarks that go a little further.

The app renders articles in a UI that is native to just the app, a very impressive UI it must be said.


digg news app for ipad
Digg app is a reliable source of news from across several news websites.  It is clutter-free app that segregates the top headlines on a minimalist interface. You can either view the articles as a web page or you can read it while it is blended into the very ergonomic Digg UI.

It provides an excellent snapshot of current affairs. One of the prominent features of Digg is the RSS feeder. You can save articles for reading at a later date and access your custom feeds easily using this app.

Digg is particularly known for providing news items that are both of interest and those that are also not easily found in other news aggregation apps.


zite news app for ipad
Zite is an intelligent news app that learns of the user’s interests and suggests new stories based on your previous browsing history. So, you can discover fresh resources and new stories that pique your interest with this app. You don’t have to really look for content as the app on its own is smart and recommends a lot of good content.

The main screen displays a vertical feed of relevant articles. You can click on the articles that you are keen on and enjoy a good read. The app is even clever enough to remove recommendations based on changing reading habits. Thus, it is adaptive and ever changing, maybe just like your reading personality!


feedly for ipad news app
With Feedly, you can manage custom lists of news resources. It is a RSS app that allows users to add feeds. The flip side of Feedly is that it doesn’t provide recommendation of articles. It is the onus of the reader to find appropriate content.

The app is powerful tool to access news content once the custom list of news feeds has been created by the user. The app refreshes quickly and has a clean interface that is easy for reading.

If you love just a few feeds for your news fix, put them altogether in this great app and you won’t have to go anywhere else for your news.


umano voice news app for ipad
Umano distinguishes itself from the rest of news apps in the store by allowing users to listen to news, as opposed to reading it. Users who prefer to listen to news read by professional readers will find this app useful. You can listen to news while you are commuting or engaged in routine chore.

You can also listen to interviews, podcasts and talk-shows with Umano. It provides a refreshing, simple interface that is quick to navigate.

With some or maybe all these apps installed on your iPad, we bet that you will probably never ever run out of news to read!

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