7 Useful Chrome Extensions That are Worth a Try!

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Editor’s Note: this post was updated in December 2017 to reflect new reviews and experiences. 

7 Top Extensions to Try Out Today (Plus, How to Keep Them From Slowing Down Your Computer)!

Considering that Chrome is the go to browser for billions of people out there, it has to be said that Chrome extensions are not nearly as popular as the browser itself. That is because a lot of people don’t really know how useful Chrome extensions can be. Hopefully, our snippets on the following 7 Chrome extensions might just give you enough pep to finally try out the extension bar!

1. Jot – Easily take notes

Jot is a quick note taking extension. If you would like to take notes while browsing then, Jot helps you do just that. You can create a to-do list of tasks that you must carry out or simply make quick notes for reference. If you keep a scribble book on your work table, you can probably do away with that clutter by using Jot.

jot google chrome extension
The large font size makes it easy to read and the colorful background images are visually appealing, making note making a little more fun than usual.

2. μBlock – Block ads in Chrome

Are web ads in your browser annoying you? μBlock extension is your savior. The extension blocks pesky ads from your web browser and renders a ad-free browsing experience.

ublock ad remover chrome extension

The biggest advantage of having μBlock extension over other AdBlock extensions is the light-weight performance offered by μBlock. Traditional extensions such as Adblock Plus tend to slow down your system whereas μBlock occupies less memory and operates efficiently without hampering your system performance.

Install μBlock and enjoy ad-free browsing!

3. Tab Snooze – Automatically snooze tabs for later use

Too many open tabs on your browser bring down the performance of your browser.  Closing your tabs is not really a solution if you do really need to reference them later. Tab Snooze extension comes to your rescue.

tab snooze google chrome extension

You can de-clutter your browser by clicking on Tab Snooze button that closes the tab, for a while, only to bring it back later when required.  You can snooze tabs to automatically become active later. The tab automatically reappears on your browser when it is time for the tab to be woken up. You will receive a desktop notification that lets you know of the tab that has reappeared on your browser.

4. The Great Suspender – Similar to Tab Snooze, above

There is another way you can keep a check on your open tabs. If you don’t like the idea of closing your open tabs then, The Great Suspender provides an excellent alternative. The extension “pauses” those tabs that you haven’t viewed recently so that they don’t consume your system memory.

With this extension installed on your browser, you can reduce Chrome’s memory footprint considerably. Tabs can be suspended either automatically or manually. You can configure a time period for tabs to get suspended automatically.  It has a simple interface that allows users to suspend and reload tabs. It shows a history of suspended tabs as well.

the great suspender google chrome extension
It retains suspended tabs while closing and reopening browsers which reduces the consumption of memory required for reloading tabs during a restart.

Quite similar to Tab Snooze, but we mentioned it anyway as some people like the simpler UI that this extension offers over the fancy and slightly more power hungry UI that Tab Snooze uses.

5. Visual Ping – Website update notifier

Visual Ping monitors websites for changes and alerts you when your favorite web pages have undergone changes. It sends a mail notification when the content of the pages, those that are on your watch list, change. Click on the extension button to enter your email address to which you will receive alerts.

visual ping google chrome extension
Visual Ping checks websites every hour for changes. You can also customize the check intervals for each page you are monitoring.

Unlike other webpage monitoring services that monitor HTML markup, Visual Ping monitors the page content dynamically. You can even choose to monitor a section of the webpage instead of the whole. Visual Ping extension comes in quite handy when you want to track ticket availability, check bid prices or follow certain elements on websites that otherwise don’t have a particularly significant or obvious notification.

6. UpTo – Stay up to date with upcoming events, TV shows and movies

Do you want to know the details of events scheduled in your town or stay abreast with global events? UpTo is a neat Chrome Extension that helps you follow not just events, but TV shows, sports schedules, live concerts, movie premieres and other popular events, even syncing it with your Google calendar.

upto google chrome extension
It has an enormous directory of calendar events that you can easily follow from within your Google Calendar. Once you install UpTo extension on your browser, you can find Upto in a sidebar when you launch your Google Calendar.

You can also share the events on your social networking accounts to let your friends know and get them on board.

7. Streamus – Enjoy automatic YouTube music streaming

Streamus is an extension that makes YouTube a minimalist music streaming service.  You can add YouTube videos to Streamus and access it from any PC.  You can enjoy a tab-free experience as Streamus runs behind the scenes.  It offers pure music streaming!

streamus google chrome music streaming extension

You can also discover new music with Streamus. It provides suggestions based on the music list that are you are listening to, using Stream Radio. You can make a portable list of your music and videos that can be shared securely with others. Streamus turns YouTube into a powerful music streaming station with a minimalist user interface.

Keep Your Computer Running Fast

While Chrome extensions can be great, know that having many Google Chrome extensions will slowly start to slow down Chrome’s performance, especially if you have a Mac or PC with smaller RAM. To avoid a slow down, Take the following meausres:

  • Only install extensions that you will really use on a daily or weekly basis
  • Regularly review your extensions and remove unused or outdated extensions
  • Keep your computer fast by monitor its overall health with Clean My Mac or Clean My PC


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