7 Must Have Android Wear Apps

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Android wear is gaining popularity with Sony, LG, and Motorola all fighting for market share. Wearable technology was first seen as a health and fitness monitoring device, but these devices provide so much more. The explosion of smartwatches means that plenty of new apps are coming onto the market and wearable devices are poised to transform the mobile computing world.

Hundreds of apps are now available on the Google Play Store for use with wearable devices.  It’s difficult to choose the right app for your needs. We have handpicked the seven best apps for wearable devices that will help you be more productive with your new smartwatch.

  1. Wear Messenger

Wear Messenger is a full-blown messaging app that enables you to send messages from your wrist. Without this app you will only be able to receive notifications of your messages on your smart watch. This app allows you to respond to your messages.

The app also integrates with third-party keyboard apps making it convenient to type text messages from your watch. The app supports voice commands and the emoji keyboard. Your typing speed is improved with gestures and a built-in dictionary. It is one of the most powerful messaging apps for your Android Wear device.

  1. 1Weather

1Weather is one of the most popular weather apps on Android Wear. There are several weather applications but this app is a clear winner due to its simple design and ease of use.

The app provides real-time local weather information along with a ten day forecast. The app will also dynamically update the weather information depending on your location.

  1. Attopedia

Do you want an encyclopedia on your wrist? Attopedia is a free, open-source application for browsing Wikipedia on your Android Wear devices. Reading information on your wrist could be difficult but the app is well designed to support reading on a smaller screen. Settling that argument with your friends has never been quicker and easier.

  1.  Evernote

Evernote is a popular note-taking app that can improve your daily productivity. This ingenious app is available on Android Wear devices. This app enables you to keep track of all of your notes from your wrist

You could keep up on your grocery list on your wrist while shopping.  You could use voice commands to dictate notes. Evernote for Android Wear provides a much-needed productivity boost for the device.

  1. UhrArt Wear Faces

One of the benefits of a smartwatch is the huge level of customization available. The app allows you to customize the face of your smartwatch from a gallery of round or squared faces from the WearFace community. You can also experiment with the look of your device by customizing the display to suit your taste. You can also create your own design and share it with the community.

  1. Calc Wear

Most smart watches don’t have a built-in calculator application. Having a calculator app on your wrist is surprisingly helpful . Calc Wear provides a rich set of basic and advanced arithmetic features that’s simple to use.  The app is absolutely free, and it’s tailored to work with smart watches. You can solve quadratic equations and matrices using this app. The app can be quite useful when you want to convert units of weight, temperature and area.

  1. Tockle

Tockle allows you to control your phone settings from your wrist. You can toggle your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, activate tasks, and send SMS on your smartphone through your wearable device. It keeps you from having to pull out your phone unnecessarily. You can setup ActionSets based on time or your phone’s battery level using the app. It also supports voice commands.

These Android Wear apps give you more power on your wrist!


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