7 Cool New Features in Android 5.0 Lollipop

android lollipop 5.0

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“A sweet new take on Android”. That’s what Google uses as the caption for Android Lollipop, the 5.0 version release of the world’s most popular open source mobile computing OS platform. Over the past couple of years, Ice Cream Sandwich and then Jelly Bean offered nice tweaks but nothing that was what you could call revolutionary. Lollipop tries to change that, with not just functionality tweaks but with a revamp of the all important UI as well.

Here are 7 new cool feature that you will find in Lollipop 5.0

1. Pick up from where you left off (Continuity)

Similar to iOS 8’s Handoff, Android 5.0 has recognized the need to satisfy the craving for continuity that owners of multiple Android devices have.

lollipop continuity
You can now continue your work or access files on one Android device irrespective of where you stopped in another Android device. Android 5.0 allows you to access photos, apps, songs and other files across all your compatible Android devices.

With the advent of multiple computing devices, synchronization features across mobiles, tablets and watches is a must-have feature and is now possible with your Android ecosystem.

2. Extended battery life

The life of your device can be extended by up to 90 minutes with Android 5.0’s battery-saver feature.  Many phones provide battery saving modes but Android 5.0 has built in battery saving features into the firmware making it reliable and effective.

Lollipop also provides information on estimated battery life remaining and while on charge indicates how much time is required for complete battery power up, a nice feature that has surprisingly not been available for a long time now.  With revamped battery settings, your search for an electric power outlet will drastically reduce, giving you great mobility and unplugged time.

3. Material design (New UI)

Android’s UI has been a bit stale over the past couple of years. The last time the UI was refreshingly new was when Ice Cream Sandwich was released, almost three years ago. Lollipop now shakes things up quite a bit in the UI department now, in a very good way we might add.

lollipop 5.0 ui material design
Lollipop employs Material design to maintain consistency across devices. Fluid, dynamic and purposeful motion can be achieved through this design. It allows elements on the screen to be expanded or shrunk dynamically.

The new design enhances user experience. It is expected to be more intuitive and the transition across controls will be smoother. Android 5.0 promises to deliver tangible interaction with intuitive and responsive touch interface.

4. Improved Security

Android 5.0 includes Samsung’s Knox security platform to enhance the security features rendered by the operating system. Knox platform provides a separate container for work and personal use on your Android device.

You can use one Android device for both official and personal purpose. Turn on Knox for your work and turn it off when you get home.  The provision of separate containers enables users to segregate and secure data appropriately.

Android 5.0 also features Android Smart Lock that allows you to pair your device with another trusted device such as your wearable. With these new features, you can secure the information on your Android device from threats of intrusion. The enhanced security features makes Android devices robust and less vulnerable to attack.

5. Tap and Go (Easy file transfer)

With Android 5.0, you longer have to take the pain of transferring files, apps and data from your old phone to new phone. You can easily sync up the data from your old phone using NFC pairing and Bluetooth data transfer. Place your old phone and new phone side by side, pair the devices using NFC technology, all your data will get automatically get synced with just a tap.

Tap and Go feature will make life easier for users. You no longer have to painstakingly transfer data and customize your new phone. This feature will save you from committing several mistakes while transferring information. Upgrading to a new phone is going to a cake walk with the Tap and Go feature.

6. Locked Screen Notifications

You can now respond to notifications from your locked screen. Lollipop attempts to enhance user’s touch screen experience by reducing the steps involved for interaction. Though it might save just a couple of seconds here and there, it definitely makes quickly checking your phone for notifications a real breeze.

locked screen notifications lollipop 5.0
The notifications screen has several key changes. You can adjust the settings to hide notifications for sensitive content on your unlocked screen, a feature that keeps your privacy in mind.

You can also adjust notification settings to allow only certain messages to get through.  Priority mode notifications ensure fewer disruptions.

7. Guest login (User sharing)

Guest Login feature provides an avenue to share your device securely with your family and friends. On Android 5.0, you can create multiple accounts and allow others to login and access information securely. Others who login using a different account will not be able to access your data.

With this feature, Google has ensured secure access of information on Android devices among multiple users. If you own a tablet that your family shares then, you no longer have to worry what your children or spouse might find. And, this feature also allows you to have a better control over your child’s access. Multiple user accounts helps manage data securely.

Overall, Android 5.0 is designed to enhance the user experience and render support for multiple Android devices. Enhanced security for multiple users is one of the key highlights of Lollipop operating system. With these significant changes, Lollipop OS has taken a leap of faith into the future of smart computing across Android devices.

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