4 Benefits of an Inkjet Printer in your Home Office

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Yes, we just ran a story about giving laser printers a try, but they’re not always the best choice depending on your usage needs. Laser printers are great if you’re only printing text in bulk, but people who do a lot of photography work are better off with an inkjet. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping for a new printer.

1. Compact Size

Inkjet printers are smaller in size when compared to laser printers. It’s much easier to fit an inkjet printer into your workspace. Furthermore, printing on the go isn’t possible with laser printers– you won’t want to lug them around in a duffel bag. People who need a mobile printer should turn to an inkjet.

Maintenance is simpler on an inkjet printer.  Any mechanical issues that come up on a laser printer are much more difficult to diagnose and repair.

Inkjet printers come with wireless printing options for less money. You could place your printer in a quiet corner of the house and send print jobs from your smartphone through a wireless connection.

2. Versatility

The versatility of inkjet printers is a big selling point. You can print text, images, and presentations– all in vivid color. This makes an inkjet an valuable choice for a home office setup.

Home usage often entails printing photos, text, and other graphics. With a color inkjet printer, you can print vivid images in full color. Inkjet printers are the best choice for printing high resolution pictures.

Furthermore, home inkjet printers often allow for a wider variety of paper sizes and types, including small photo sheets and glossy photography paper.

3. Color Accuracy

Inkjet printers are great for printing photos. Budding photographers who want to print their work are much  better off with an inkjet printer. Color accuracy, the range of colors, and the quality of print overall is much better on an inkjet printer. Furthermore, there are inkjet printers specifically designed with photography printing in mind.

Home users and budding photographers will appreciate the improved photo print quality of an inkjet printer.

4. Initial Cost

The initial cost of an inkjet printer is lower than a laser printer. Color laser printers are significantly more expensive than similarly performing color inkjet printers.

Expensive ink can make inkjet printers more expensive in the long run, but sometimes the initial cost of a laser printer is just too much to stomach. Users who don’t do a lot of printing are probably better off with an inkjet printer.

Quick Picks:

General usage:

The Brother MFC-J870DW Wireless All-In-One

 printer is great for the average home office. It provides wireless functionality, a scanner, and a fax machine all in one.

The photographer:

The Epson PictureMate Charm

is a photo-focused printer that makes for vibrant photography prints. This increased performance comes at a slight price hike, but your pictures will turn out

The Document Printer:

People who print a lot of text-heavy documents should turn towards a laser printer for their needs. Here’s a quick guide for anyone interested.

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