10 Office Spaces to Inspire You This Morning

Finding Home Office Space Inspiration for a Variety of Work Needs

We moved into our current house about 10 months ago and we promptly began a whole house renovation. As a result, my home office migrated room to room and is finally settling into a finished room in our basement. Now that I have my spring cleaning in order, I’m motivated to think through my office space layout and find some home office space inspiration. Here are the 10 office spaces that inspired me this morning.

The Natural Wood Office

 home office space inspiration

Image via Lifehacker

If I had more shade and the ability to rig up my dual monitor set-up, I’d work from my outdoor patio all of the time.  Alas, limitations exist and my office will be in the basement for the foreseeable future. I like the idea of bringing in natural elements to liven up the space. I also love the L-shaped desk here. My office room will serve as a guest room on some occasions so it needs to maximize every inch of available space.

White and Bright with Color Pops

 home office space inspiration

Image via Clickin’ Moms

In this new home I’m embracing white and light colored walls and furniture. Our rooms are smaller and the white and bright helps spaces feel larger. I still want color, though, and I like the idea of including color pops with artwork and smaller, transitional furniture. This photographers blend of white and color feels right to me.

Clutter-Free Industrial Desk

 home office space inspiration

Image via Lifehacker

In recent years I’ve become more and more obsessed with minimalism. I’ve gotten rid of so.much.stuff. And I really guard my work space closely to keep it from being overloaded with unnecessary files and items. I adore this DIY desk that embraces clean lines while having easy-to-access storage space.

Furniture that Doesn’t Steal the Show

 home office space inspiration

Image via The Everygirl

I love the way this home office has a desk and bookshelf that doesn’t steal the show. It’s completely different than the wood desks I like, but it’s a great idea for me to consider. Especially in a small, dark space! The items stored on the desk and bookshelves are the focus and you notice the lines of the shelving and table top only later on. I also love the round rug! I’m all about that shape these days.

Workspace for Two or More

 home office space inspiration

Image via Be True

My husband is both in full-time work and school and often needs a work space at home when he’s catching up on nights and weekends. When I found this work photographer’s work space photos I was in love with the fact that it had A) two distinct work stations, and B) the potential to spread out or for more than two people to work. It’d be great for when I’m working and the kiddo is finishing homework.

The Closet Office

 home office space inspiration

Image via Mood Maybe

I am obsessed with the awesome closet offices that are shared online and I seriously thought about installing one in our master bedroom. Ultimately, I decided I didn’t want my office that close to my sleeping spot, but if we have a perfect hall closet for this in a future home you can bet I’ll be jumping at the chance.

The Standing Desk

 home office space inspiration

Image via IKEA Hackers

We used to have a great kitchen island where I worked while standing much of the day. We haven’t gotten around to the kitchen renovation in this home and there’s no great spot for me to stand while on my laptop. I loved this IKEA hack for a standing desk. Plus, I already own two white EXPEDIT shelving units so I could complete this hack in no time!

Hidden Desk in a Public Space

 home office space inspiration

Image via Front + Main

More often then not, I find myself working at the dining room table or in the living room on the sofa. I can see myself giving up the idea of a large, dedicated workspace and instead devoting a small section of a public room to office materials. I’m even more in love with the idea of I can hide my office stuff at the end of the day!

The Industrial Piping Bookshelf + Office

 home office space inspiration

Image via Lifehacker

I know they’re so overdone, but I love the look of bookshelves made from industrial piping. Seriously, I can’t get enough of them. This workspace has plentiful storage for books and office materials, but also a dedicated desk. I can even see that we could build in two desks and/or build this into a public space in our home, like the dining room. Lots of options with this DIY!

Pegboard Wall Office

 home office space inspiration

Image via Apartment Therapy

We installed peg boards in the basement for our home renovation gear and now I’m seeing how useful they could be in an office space! We could intermix office supplies with art to give the area some pop. Plus, I think this space could live in a variety of rooms in the house and we could style as necessary to fit the vibe.

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