10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Good resolution smartphone cameras have made it convenient to click pictures on the go. The new iSight camera on the iPhone 5S and of course the new iPhone 6 camera is 8 megapixels with a redesigned camera sensor.  The aperture has improved to ƒ/2.2 to allow more light. With such a high-end camera on your iPhone, you will never feel the need to carry your digital camera along. iCloud feature offered by Apple has made it convenient for users to upload pictures to a cloud, sync and share photo streams.

As smartphone cameras are getting better every day, users have started exploring different aspects of clicking a great picture. iPhone camera apps allows users to experiment with lighting, angles, textures and other compositions to enhance quality of pictures clicked. The photo editing apps have spurred an interest for amateur photography and have many a time turned casual photographers into serious professionals. Here is a list of 10 photo editing apps that will help you get the best out of your iPhone camera.


instagram photo editing app
Instagram is famous with many users who love to click and share pictures on social media. It is simple, fast and convenient to share pictures with your friends and family. You can even apply filters to your pictures, change the way it looks before posting it on social media. Instagram’s vibrant community makes it easy to hold your interest in photography and learn a few tricks.


Afterlight provides a wide set of high-quality presets that transform the picture you have clicked casually on your iPhone camera.

afterlight photo editing app iphone
It provides 59 unique filters that are completely adjustable to make your photo look incredible. You can adjust light leaks to 35mm real light rendering organic and natural images. If you are looking to create stunning pictures out of your normal clicks, Afterlight is a great app to consider.


Anticrop is the only photo editing app of its kind for iPhone. The app can extend elements of a picture that you have missed while clicking. While viewing your photos, there are times when you wish you had more of the sky or the plains to make the foreground stand out.

anticrop photo editing app for iphone
Anticrop does exactly that for you!  You can extend the picture frame by sliding the edges. It also functions as a standard cropping tool that can resize and crop down your image. It has also got a 90 degree rotation tool.

Camera Genius

Camera Genius is another brilliant photo app that provides a wide variety of edit options that helps you get the desired effects. You can even shoot videos and digital zoom is available for both camera and video mode. The app provides several options such as anti-shake zoom, burst modes, timers and more that makes clicking a fantastic picture an easy job.

camera genius photo editing app for iPhone
The anti-shake is a brilliant feature as it prevents you from clicking blurry pictures. With over 20 one-step filters, you will have fine control over hue, brightness, contrast and more.


If you are someone who loves to click portraits of self and others then, Facetune is an app that your iPhone must have. Facetune is designed to provide editing features for portraits that will enhance the overall quality of your image.

Facetune photo editing app for iPhone
How many times have you wondered it would be just too good to remove those wrinkles off your picture? With Facetune, you will be able to smoothen out wrinkles, get rid of pimples and zits. You can even whiten teeth, enhance the skin tone and do other touch-ups to bring your portrait alive. The interface is simple to use and hence you won’t need to spend hours editing your picture.


Sometimes, it is just not enough to have photo editing apps that work on individual pictures. Many users would love to create a collage of an event. PicFrame is an excellent app to create photo streams from a set of individual pictures.  It is easy to create a collage with this app. It provides 73 templates and each template can have up to 9 images. It also provides several options to adjust the dimensions, borders and patterns of the collage. You can share your collages with friends on social media using PicFrame which makes it a highly popular app.

picframe photo editing app for iPhone


It is easily one of the best iPhone camera apps with its simple interface and speed. One of the many advantages of using Camera+ to edit photos is its ease of use. The app is constantly updated and has an active support forum which makes it easy for users. Camera+ stands out with its ability to set focus and exposure independently. 

Camera photo editing app for iPhone
The app is feature rich with a variety of shooting modes and an excellent digital zoom.  You can add effects, edit balance, and play around with several other options to create pictures the way you desire.


Sktchy is more than a photo editing app for iPhone. The app aims to serve as an inspiration for a community of artists. When you share a picture on social media, many artists get inspired by the images.

sktchy photo editing app for iPhone
Sktchy has leveraged this idea to design an app for artists. The app allows you to create a portrait from a photo and share with a community of art lovers. It is a great way to stay connected with fellow artists.



If you have been looking for a crazy photo editing app that can chop and distort your pictures then, Photochop is the ideal app for you. You can pick a picture from your library and chop it into a set of tiles. You can then work with the tiles directly to create crazy pictures. It is fun to distort images of your friends and share it with them. You can drag the tiles around, tilt, resize and rotate them.  

photochop photo editing app for iPhone
The simple user interface makes it easy to play around with this app.  The image distortion and manipulation rendered by Photochop is really good.


VSCO Cam photo editing app is used by many professional photographers to showcase their original work. Professionals use this app to refine their images. It provides a set of advanced settings such as film-inspired presets, split exposure and focus points while shooting. If you are serious about photography then, this iPhone camera app is a must try.

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