Windows 9 Preview – What to Expect?

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Windows 9 Preview

Windows 9 is the latest version of the Windows Operating System from Microsoft that is expected to be released by early 2015. Microsoft has sent out an invitation for a special event on 30th September 2014, where it is expected to unveil Windows 9 Beta for technical preview.

Based on credible rumors, we have summarized all the information we know about the latest Windows 9 version. We are also listing down the features that we can expect in Windows 9.

Windows 8 has not been quite successful and hence Microsoft began working on a new version of the OS codenamed ‘Threshold’ that will neatly transition to the world of Ultrabooks, Tablets and Notebooks. The biggest challenge for Microsoft is in designing a unified OS that will cater to both the existing PC users and next generation users of tablets and sleek laptops with touch capability.

Windows 9 preview - early 2015It is expected that Windows 9 will be compatible across devices including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and get over the usability glitches seen in Windows 8. Major UI enhancements are expected in Windows 9 besides additional features to keep tablet users happy.

As per the leaked information on Myce, Windows 9 is expected to have an improved Windows activation. There are some changes to Windows Defender and OneDrive. Apart from these, the leaked document mentions that the ‘Metro’ UI is going through some significant changes. The new UI in Windows 8 that was specifically designed for devices with touch capability is internally referred to as the ‘Metro UI’. Windows 9 start menu notifications and searchThere is a widespread rumor that Microsoft is bringing back the Start Menu which many Windows users missed terribly.

The Windows 9 start menu is expected to combine traditional Windows 7 style start menu with Windows 8 start screen functionality. The right side of the new start menu has important apps such as mail, news and weather listed. It is also rumored that the new start menu can be resized as per user’s requirement.

The ‘charms’ bar (the menu that pops up on the right corner) which most users found annoying is going to be removed in Windows 9. Winsupersite reports that the charms bar will still be available on touch-based systems and will not be accessible to mouse pointer function which is great.

Another site claimed that the Charms bar will be available to desktop users as well. The Search, Share, Devices and Settings menu will pop-up when a button up near the windows control is pressed. This is definitely better than the Charms bar popping up every time the user navigates to the right corner.

Here is a leaked video of Windows 9 operating system that shows a unified Notification Center, demonstrates Task view and the new Start menu. Task view is a multi-desktop view that allows you to switch between apps easily. It can be launched via a button on the taskbar.

It is expected that the Windows 9 will be available as 64-bit only but the same was expected out of Windows 8 and everyone was proved wrong. We won’t know what we will finally get as much of it depends on what the OEMs want.

It is also believed that Microsoft is working hard on power management to get an improved battery life on its system. With the advent of mobile devices, it has been a key challenge for companies to design operating systems that are power efficient. Windows 9 is expected to do better with a battery life.

Intel has done its part by designing mobile processors that are energy efficient. Hence, Microsoft will be keen to keep pace by revamping its software to support the energy-efficient processors. Windows 9’s power management capabilities can comes as a sweet surprise to many during the unveiling as everyone’s focus is on the user interface.

How much will the Windows 9 cost?

Now to the big question, how much will the user have to pay for these enhancements and additional features? If Russian leaker WZOR is to be believed then, you will not have to pay anything.  The report believes Microsoft will push Windows 9 for free (as a free upgrade from Windows 8.1 Pro) but it can’t be confirmed until Microsoft officially announces it.

Many experts also agree with the report as there is a stiff competition with Apple releasing its latest OS X for free. Microsoft will not be able to charge a lot for building new and better products that serves as a value addition to its existing customers. Even if Windows 9 comes with a price tag, it will not cost more than a few dollars. Microsoft might charge OEMs that purchase license to add to the PC or laptop they sell instead of charging consumers.

It is still not clear if Windows 9 will be available as an upgrade from Windows 7 or if you will need Windows 8 installed on your system to upgrade to Windows 9. We are hoping that the special event next week will provide more answers. Share your thoughts about Windows 9! Use the comment box below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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