What is a Mac Mini? And Should I Buy a Mac Mini?

what is a mac mini

Understand the Smallest Computer Apple Makes and if it’s a Right Fit for You

What is a Mac Mini?

If you aren’t a total computer nerd like us, you’ve probably heard of a Mac mini and assumed it’s just a tiny computer. You’d be right … sort of. It is just a tiny computer. However, it won’t look the way you expect.

A Mac mini is the guts of a computer in a sleek 7.7 inch rectangular box. What won’t you initially find with a Mac mini? A computer screen, a keyboard, a mouse, an external disk drive, or many of the other items you consider to be part of a traditional computer.

Um, what?

There are many individuals (maybe you?) who have specific professional needs or personal preferences for your computer.

Maybe you need an extremely large monitor or a specialized numeric keypad. Perhaps you have multiple offices and you want to take your computer with you between offices (just not the whole thing)? Maybe you’re a geek like us and you like picking each component individually?

Should You Buy a Mac Mini?what is a mac mini

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of reasons to like the Mac mini idea. If this machine intrigues you—maybe even makes you think of buying one—great!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The entry price tag is low (awesome!), but all those extras cost extra. A really fantastic monitor, for example, can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • If you use power-hungry programs, such as video editing software, consider upgrading to the 8GB memory model. They entry model likely won’t cut it for you.
  • You cannot add extra storage to a Mac mini model so you’re stuck with the amount you purchase.

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  1. Peter Reply

    Why you should buy a mac mini:
    1. It’s small.
    2. It works fine for except the most powerful applications.
    3. It can act as a streamer, and a network server
    4. It’s cheap/
    5. Did I mention that it’s small?

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