Should I Upgrade to the New iPhone 7?

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new iphone 7

Say Hello to the New iPhone 7

In case you were hiding under a rock last week: the new iPhone 7 arrived on the scene. And if you weren’t hiding under a rock you probably heard the headphone jack no longer exists — you will now need to use headphones that connect via the lightning port or upgrade to wireless AirPods. Okay, so the new iPhone 7 is here, it’s sleek, and there’s no headphone jack. Got it. But the question most are asking is: should I upgrade to the new iPhone 7 or wait it out?

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider the upgrade:

You Need a New Phone

I’m not being glib, hear me out. You might genuinely need a new phone (your current iPhone is broken, outdated, slow, not holding a charge, etc.) and what I am saying is that the iPhone 7 is indeed a worthy successor to the lineup. It retains many of the classic iPhone touches: sleek look and feel, outstanding software, and the latest and greatest technology while also pushing boundaries. The new phone is water resistant with updated home button technology. It’ll feel familiar to longtime Apple fans, but it will also give you the thrill of discovery.

You’re an Mobile Photography Fan

Like the iPhone 6, the new iPhone 7 will have a 12 MP back camera. Unlike the previous phones, it will have an 8 MP front camera and dual camera system so you can take high quality wide angle photos and photos with zoom. Furthermore, the Optical Image Stabilization is now available in both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (it was previously only available in the larger model). Apple is the standard bearer of mobile photography (have you seen the Shot on an iPhone campaigns?) and they take that role seriously with this new release.

You Love Taking Music on the Go (and You’re Not Afraid to Try New Things)

Yes, we all know by now: there’s no headphone jack on the new iPhone 7. What’s less known is that the phone features a redesigned speaker system that allows the phone to play audio twice as loud as an iPhone 6. It also has an increased dynamic range. And if you’re ready to take the plunge, the AirPods have fantastic early reviews.

Are you going to upgrade to the new iPhone 7? Why or why not?


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