Should I Buy MacKeeper? No. Uninstall MacKeeper Now.

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Editors note: this is a follow-up MacKeeper review to our original post.

We recommend uninstalling MacKeeper and considering a product like Clean My Mac 3 or Gemini 2

Despite initially glowing reviews of the Mac cleaning software, MacKeeper, we’ve come to believe this is a problematic product and you should uninstall it and consider other options. Zeobit created MacKeeper and it did a decent job in its infancy. However, after selling MacKeeper to Kromtech in the past couple of years the product deteriorated.

Problems with MacKeeper

Mac experts report a myriad of problems with MacKeeper including,

  • Pop under ads (which are advertisements that appear underneath your current browser and you will see the ad once you close your browser)
  • Repeated reminders to clean your computer when you don’t need to do so
  • Fake/purchased reviews in tech websites
  • Hiring overzealous and questionable affiliate marketers
  • Scattering MacKeeper files throughout your computer, making it very difficult to uninstall
  • Destabilizing your Mac by not “playing nice” with other applications and programs.

MacKeeper review disk usage

Uninstall MacKeeper

Given the variety of issues with MacKeeper we recommend uninstalling the program. However, MacKeeper makes itself very difficult to remove. You cannot just grab the application and drag it to the Trash as you can with many other programs.

To manually uninstall MacKeeper do the following:

  • Open MacKeeper > MacKeeper menu > Preferences > General >  turn off Show MacKeeper icon in menu bar. Close MacKeeper.
  • Drag MacKeeper to the Trash. Follow the prompts for uninstalling MacKeeper.
  • Open Spotlight and search for “MacKeeper.” You can also manually look in Library > Application Support or Library > Caches for MacKeeper Help folders. Drag any and all related folders and files to the Trash.
  • Empty your Trash.

Despite the best thorough manual searches, MacKeeper still eludes some users. If you’re interested in a real Mac cleaning software that doesn’t annihilate your computer, we recommend (and have for some time) MacPaw’s Clean My Mac 3. Located within Clean My Mac 3 is a guided uninstaller.


The Clean My Mac 3 guided uninstaller can identify all of the MacKeeper files on your computer and help you remove them safely and quickly. Hint hint: Clean My Mac 3 has a free trial so give it a whirl and see how it does before you buy it!

You can check out our recent reviews of CleanMyMac 3 to see if it’s a fit for you:

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    Mac Keeper is THE WORST. I ended up using to get rid of it

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