The Basic Chrome Extension Toolkit

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Chrome extensions are like apps for your web browser. They add capabilities to the program that didn’t previously exist, like blocking trackers or even sending messages from your phone. Here are a list of the most important ones that will impact your web browsing experience.

The Best Chrome Extensions for Mac and PC


Apple users can send messages via iMessage, but Android users don’t have an equivalent from Google. (Well, there’s Hangouts, but let’s not talk about that) So what is an Android user to do? There’s an App for that.

Pushbullet allows for communication between your computer and your Android device. You can see notifications from your devices, send links or files between anything that can install pushbullet, or even send SMS messages via a panel in Chrome.

A picture of the messaging portion of pushbullet

Pushbullet allows you to send text messages via a SMS connected phone.


You’ll receive phone notifications on your computer, and you can respond depending on the app. (the developers continue to add new apps that have this capability so if your favorite isn’t included it might just be a matter of time)

All this functionality requires an app on your Android device, found here on Google Play. It’s a big statement, but I’d say that pushbullet is a necessity for any Android user’s life.


The logo for Feedly

Feedly is the best way to keep up with the news through Google Chrome. The extension is extremely easy to use, all you have to do is sign up for an account, search for the news sources you want to keep up with, and categorize them accordingly.

The extension creates a central location where you can see all the news you care about. Some articles allow you to read all of the content within the Feedly tab.

The software is also available for download on Mobile devices, allowing you to take your news on the go. Feedly is a great way to keep up with the news and stay connected with your favorite news outlets and blogs.


Honey is a great choice for people who do a lot of (too much?) online shopping. The extension hides away in the corner until you’re on a supported online shop.

A screenshot of the honey coupon page

Honey automatically applies coupon codes to your order.

Once you’re on a shop like Amazon or Overstock honey kicks into gear, bringing up a list of sales and coupons on the site. You can still save money even if you don’t want to look through this list of coupons.

Honey detects when you’re checking out at the store, and brings up a screen once you’re able to apply promotional codes to the order. The extension will automatically try any codes that it thinks might save you money on your items.

Gone are the days where you’ll miss out on a sale or coupon that you could’ve used for your transaction. The worst that can happen is Honey will come up short, but at least you tried.

You can download the Honey extension here.


Privacy Focus: Ghostery

It’s impossible to get on today’s internet without websites tracking your every move. Sometimes fifteen different tracking scripts exist on a site and you just can’t know what they’re doing with your data.Ghostery extension's icon

Luckily there’s something to be done. Ghostery is an extension that catalogs and blocks most major tracking applications that any website can use. You have the ability to whitelist certain tracking cookies (Google Analytics isn’t very invasive and it helps websites a great deal) or allow tracking on certain sites that you trust.

Ghostery provides a great way to take back some of your anonymity on the internet.

You can download Ghostery here.


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