Tech Products Made in the USA

tech products made in the USA

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Keep the 4th of July Rolling with Four Tech Products Made in the USA

Although China owns the market for manufacturing technology, there are a number of a great products born and bred in the United States. If you’re still feeling patriotic after this weekend’s festivities, you might be interested in putting these tech products made in the USA on your next shopping list.



tech products made in the USA

I’ve always been a Vespa lover myself, but URB-E has a lot to love for the urban commuter. Starting at $1,499 these lightweight, compact scooters have plenty of customization options. I can see these being perfect for commuters in places like San Francisco and Austin, TX — where weather is temperate and downtown areas compact. Although, I wonder how well it would do in places like New York and Chicago where the urban core is even more packed and an April snowstorm isn’t unheard of? The great news is: these are produced and manufactured in California. Anyone have experience with these scooters? I’d love to see them in action!


Solar City

tech products made in the USA

Surely, you’ve heard of Tesla? The straight-to-consumer cars changing the marketplace? Solar City is another of Elon Musk’s brain children. Solar City allows consumers to install solar panels on their home without the huge upfront investment solar panels usually cost. The company does this by paying for the panels with energy savings over time. And the best news? Those solar panel, already produced in the USA, will soon be made in Buffalo, NY, transforming a forming steel mill community into a next-generation town.



tech products made in the USA

If you’re serious about gaming, you’ve probably already heard of MAINGEAR. These are powerful PCs optimized for gaming and video (and made in the USA!). In addition to being built in the USA, MAINGEAR clients have access to the computer support team for the life of the machine. And that support team is the same team involved in the PCs build. How often is that the case? MAINGEAR desktops start at $899, but most of their products fall in the $1,500 – $3,000 range.



tech produtcs made in the USA

With the exception of its motor, all of Vitamix’s parts are designed, produced, and assembled in Ohio. In business since the 1940s, these blenders are top notch and pricing starts at $249. Plus, Vitamix gives you plenty of reason to get on board with their brand; their vision boldly states that they are “improving the vitality of people’s lives and liberating the world from conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries.

What other great products are made here in the USA? Let’s give them a shout out!

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