How to Sell Your Used Mac Online

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sell used mac online

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Tips and Resources for Listing and Selling a Used MacBook

Selling a used MacBook? After years together you may realize you and your Mac need to part ways. Maybe your Mac isn’t keeping pace with you anymore, or maybe you’re simply lusting after one of the crisp new models. Either way, you know you should sell your used Mac and move on. Before you do, make sure you clean your Mac in preparation for sale.

Once that’s complete, choose a venue for your sale. Here are some resources to consider when you are looking to unload your used MacBook computer:


When you need to sell something, Craigslist is often the first venue to come to mind and for good reason: there’s a lot of buying and selling happening on Craigslist! With a high value item like a Mac, you’ll need to take extra steps for your personal safety and the security of your Mac. Make it clear in your listing that you will only accept cash and you must meet up with the buyer in a public location. I typically say in my advertisements that I prefer to meet at coffee shops in my neighborhood so buyers know what to expect when we begin planning the meet-up details. For even more security, consider selecting a local police station or government building. Many of these facilities now advertise spaces for Craigslist exchanges.


eBay is great for selling items like a Mac computer because the website will help you price your item. It collates the data on similar items and suggests pricing and ways to sell even faster, such as offering free shipping. Be careful, though, the price you sell for will not be the money you rake in. You may have small listing fee (depending on how you set up your sale), you will have a transaction fee to eBay, and you will have to pay for shipping costs (which can be considerable with such a fragile and expensive item). Do your research beforehand to understand the fees and expenses so you know what you really want or need to sell at to make a good profit.


It’s not as straight-forward or simple to set up a seller account on Amazon, but once you’re listed your exposure is much greater. Every item listed on Amazon lists the price you can buy it for an Amazon plus if there are available used options, and the price at which those used items start. You’ll be able to adequately research your competition via current used listing and price appropriately. If you decide you want to sell with Amazon for sure you can simply ship your item off to Amazon before it has a buyer and Amazon will take care of the shipping and labeling once someone purchases your used Mac. Sweet!


Gazelle specializes in buying and selling pre-owned Apple products (although non-Apple items are also available). You will make less money by selling your used MacBook to a third-party like Gazelle; however, they take care of refurbishing the product, listing it for sale, and shipping to customers. It might be worth your peace of mind to take the lower price to have the quick cash in hand. You can get a great estimate on how much you’ll make by going to their website and typing in your MacBook’s serial number and condition.

Community Boards

Online “garage sales” are popping up in communities everywhere! My village has an incredibly active secret Facebook page where you can buy and sell items if you live within the village. Usually these are groups you need to know about to get an invite so ask your neighbors or nearby friends if they’ve heard of one. The best part about selling within your community is that it gives you an added layer of safety and security, as opposed to selling to a stranger on Craigslist.

What other ways have you used to sell electronics?

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