Quickly Convert iTunes Songs to MP3 (Plus, a BEVA Wireless Speaker Review!)

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How to Transfer iTunes Songs Onto SD Cards and Other Devices

TheĀ BEVA Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

My two-year-old son loves music. So much so that he was constantly snagging my iPhone and JBL speaker to play his Disney tunes. I finally got sick of sharing and bought him his very own, easy-to-use, wireless speaker: the BEVA Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

The BEVA is awesome for little hands and it keeps the options simple. He’s now able to turn the speaker on and off by himself and he can easily switch songs (which two-year-olds do frequently!). One thing I love about the BEVA is that, although I can play songs from my phone via Bluetooth, I don’t have to because it has a built-in microSD card. With this option, I can load my son’s favorite songs onto the microSD card, insert the card into the BEVA, and he always has access to his tunes without monopolizing my iPhone.

My first attempt at loading music onto the microSD card, though, resulted in a music-less experience. I loaded the entire Moana soundtrack, but when I inserted the card in the BEVA, nothing happened. It was silent. After some frustrated investigation, I learned that this is because my songs were from iTunes.

iTunes songs are in a file formats known as AAC, or you may see them as M4A. These are supposedly higher quality formats that produce better sound and less drag on your electronics. Unfortunately, though, they are not compatible with memory cards or non-Apple music players, such as our BEVA.

Convert iTunes Songs to MP3

In order to transfer my iTunes songs to the microSD card I had to convert them to the MP3 format.

To do so, following the next few steps:

  • Click on the song or songs you want to convert to MP3
  • Then select File in iTunes
  • Scroll down the menu and click Convert
  • Then select Create MP3 Version

This converts the iTunes songs to MP3 files for use on other kinds of music players. The MP3 will sit as a duplicate copy next to the AAC file in your iTunes account.

Voila! Hope that was helpful!

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