Quick Tip: Try a Laser Printer

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Inkjet printers are a nightmarish subject in the realm of home office products. The ink is expensive and the device will  crap out on you in a month. New ink cartridges are “empty” five minutes after you throw out the old one. Many people who own a cheap inkjet printer know the pain.

I’ve escaped this hellish landscape, and I can lead you towards the light. Here’s the way out:





This laser printer is easily the best technology purchase I’ve made in the last three years. The Brother HL2230 (pictured above) doesn’t have any fancy Wi-Fi connectivity or a super-scanner attachment, but I’ve saved tons of money and I’ve never had any issues with the device. I’m a college student, so I do a lot of printing. I’ve printed thousands of pages of text for a total cost of $140. ($90 for the printer, $30 for a toner refill)

This model from Brother is simple, so there aren’t as many points of failure. I imagine that it’s still going to work for years to come.

Laser Printers

Laser printers work by passing laser beams over a charged drum of toner, or “powdered ink”, in order to print images onto a sheet of paper. They’re great if you’re printing lots of documents with text or simple graphics, but not so great if you’re working with a lot of photographs.

The  average initial cost of the device is much higher than the conventional inkjet alternative. You’re also going to pay a lot more for a color laser printer– sometimes almost double a monochrome device.

It’s all worth it in the end. Low capacity toner refill cartridges usually cost around $30 dollars, but even base model cartridges will print over a thousand pages of text before they running dry. This is much better than the average inkjet cartridge, which costs around $10-20 dolars and prints around 100-200 pages of text before running dry.

Depending on your printing habits, a laser printer might just be the best purchase you could make for your home office. This model from Brother isn’t exactly the printer that I have, but it’s close. Give a laser printer a try and say goodbye to frustrating inkjet devices.


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