Is the new improved iPhone 6 a game changer?

Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in a special event on September 9th along with the much awaited Apple Watch. Apple also introduced Apple Pay that would change the way people make payments henceforth with these smart gadgets. With the new technology and improved specs, Apple is set to transform the life style of users across the globe.

One of the key mantras of Apple at the launch has been “bigger than bigger”. On a side note, Steve Jobs always thought the original iPhone was the best size for a smartphone. Rumors that he was the one who vehemently opposed a larger iPhone design event at a time when huge Android fans found much fanfare. Anyways, coming back, the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch display screen and the iPhone 6 plus has 5.5 inch screen, the biggest iPhone, Apple has ever manufactured. And, the good news is the two new models will available for pre-order from September 12th and you can buy them from stores on September 19th.

iPhone 6 size changes

With the wait finally over, we bring to you all the new features of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus models. Big phones come with a few disadvantages but Apple has engineered the iPhone 6 models to minimize the downside as much as possible. For the first time, the home screen rotates with the phone and Apple has moved the sleep switch to the right edge for better accessibility. The home screen images slides down so that it is within the reach of your thumb. Apple has done everything it can to ensure the large display doesn’t hamper the user experience.

With the iPhone 6 models, it is clear that Apple wants to pose a stiff competition by making the display larger and the size thinner. iPhone 6 is the thinnest iPhone Apple has ever produced. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus measures 6.9 and 7.1 mm respectively. Unlike the previous models, the edges are rounded and smooth rendering a great feel to hold the big phone on hand.

Besides the design, the iPhone 6 models come with improved spec such as retina HD display resolution which renders higher contrast and better wide angle viewing. Apple has also improved the processor to a 64-bit A8 processor which will improve the overall computing speed by 25 percent. Apple claims that the chip will make tasks involving graphics faster by 50 percent. The processor is 13 percent smaller than the previous A7 processor. The co-processor has also been upgraded to M8 which will aid in determining when you walk, run, and cycle. Apple is trying hard to leverage its health monitoring utilities and hence is consistently providing hardware support to better track fitness details. M8 comes with a new sensor that can predict local weather as well. The iPhone 6 promises faster and free WiFi calling capabilities. The Apple iPhone 6 models will offer more storage and will be available in 16, 64 and 128 GB versions but still has no provision for memory card expansion.

The iPhone 6 will be instrumental in revolutionizing the way electronic payments are made in the future. The phone comes with NFC chip (near-field communication) which will enable you to make wireless payments from your device.

iPhone 6 size variantsShops with special terminals can accept payments made through NFC technology and it is believed that more stores are equipping themselves to support the technology. The concept of a phone-wallet is really cool and we are sure most users will love the idea. With improved security such as Touch ID for authorization, Apple Pay might hit the right chords.

The iPhone 6 camera is quite impressive with some interesting features. Apple has added a new sensor to the 8MP camera and has managed to get phase detection auto focusing feature in. Cameras focus using either contrast detection or phase detection. Phase detection is faster and renders better focus of moving objects which requires sensor that splits the incoming light into two beams. So, you will be able to focus precisely while shooting videos with the new sensor in your iPhone 6.

Digital optical stabilization feature will be available in the iPhone 6 plus model that will prevent you from clicking blurred pictures. The camera will also allow you to shoot slow video motions at 240 FPS. There is a Hyperlapse-Style time-lapse video option too. Overall, the camera has been improved to offer better clicking experience. With these features, the need for a stand-alone digital SLR camera might never be felt.

So, how much does the new iPhone 6 costs? The price varies between $200 and $400 depending on the capacity of memory you choose. The iPhone 6 plus model will be $100 more. Each of these models is available in three color variants of white, black and gold.  Existing users of iPhone 5 might find it a bit hard to transition to the large screen but the extra screen space definitely makes a difference while browsing maps, mails, eBooks and web pages.

In a couple of weeks, lovers of Apple products will have a new gadget to explore. The iPhone 6 will definitely keep the Apple enthusiasts busy and might throw in a few pleasant surprises with its performance.

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