New Google Pixel Phone Receives Top Score

Google pixel phone

DxOMark rates Google Pixel phone as the top smartphone camera ever

Google Pixel phoneJust weeks after Apple announce the iPhone 7, including its upgrades to the iPhone camera, Google is out with a product sure to make mobile photographers stop in their tracks (at least it made me stop still). The new Google Pixel phone received an mobile photography score of 89 from DxOMark, the camera industry’s leading image quality reviewer. The Google Pixel phone score of 89 officially makes the camera the highest rated smartphone ever. The Apple iPhone 7 received a score of 86.

So what makes the Google Pixel phone such a great mobile camera?

It lets in a lot of light

The Google Pixel phone sensor and f/2.0 aperture let in a lot of light and this helps the phone perform way above average in low light conditions. Plus, when the phone is in poor light, it renders noise admirably, giving images a smooth feel.

It’s fast

DxOMark reports that the 12.3mp camera focuses fast, shoots fast, and recovers fast. The reviewers noted that it stays fast in HDR+ mode (more on that below). Plus, it shots video at 120fps.

Google brings its HDR chops to this phone

Google owns one of the most powerful HDR software around: the Nik HDR Efex Pro. Google brings that power and updated technology to the Google Pixel phone and the results are impressive, based on DxOMark’s sample shots.

Space galore!

Google is offering Pixel owners unlimited photo and video storage. This move plays to a crowd desperately in need of more multimedia mobile space and sick of upgrading with iCloud.

The Google Pixel phone is available on the Google Fi and Verizon networks. The price starts at $649 and preorders are open now!

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