Do I Need to Upgrade to macOS Sierra?

macOS Sierra problems

Is your Mac running slow? Overheating? Just not performing up to par? One of our top recommendations for computer problems is to make sure you have a clean installation of the most recent operating system. We also recommend downloading a Mac cleaning program, such as Clean My Mac 3. With that being said, we are likely to recommend you upgrade your Mac to macOS Sierra. First, though, we know you’ll want to understand potential macOS Sierra problems, benefits, and next steps.

What’s new in macOS Sierra?

The gist of the Sierra upgrade is that your operating system will be sleeker, easier to use, and more feature-packed. You won’t find anything revolutionary, but you may find that it makes your day-to-day tasks more enjoyable.

Following is a sample of upgrades included in Sierra:

  • Siri now comes installed on macOS
  • Your clipboard syncs across devices
  • Automatic login with Apple Watch
  • Enhanced iCloud Drive syncing and storage
  • Stronger integration with Apple Pay
  • Optimized storage capacity
  • Powerful photo storage and search


What’s the process for upgrading to macOS Sierra?

Upgrading to Sierra should be simple and straightforward for most users.

Click on your App Store icon and navigate to Updates. If you have no yet updated to Sierra, you should see a large banner image advertising the upgrade. Select Free Upgrade from the middle right of the banner image. Your Mac will walk you through each of the upgrade steps to follow.

My upgrade took about 15 minutes. I would expect a normal range of 10-30 minutes for the upgrade and you will need to close all other programs while your upgrade is in progress.

Are there any macOS Sierra problems?

While most reports are of a smooth upgrade to macOS Sierra, there are a few reported problems.

  • Download of macOS Sierra stalls or fails
  • Users don’t have enough space to download the new OS
  • iCloud authentication errors occur after download

Before starting this process make sure your computer is in good working order with plenty of space for a new download.

What should I do to prepare for upgrading to macOS Sierra?

Before you leap into an OSX upgrade, you should get your current Mac in good shape. I recommend the following actions:

  1. Find and delete duplicate files from your computer
  2. Clean up your hard drive and remove junk from your current system
  3. Back up your files via Time Machine or an external hard drive


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