Should You Buy Microsoft Office For Mac?

The only real down side to using Mac is the fact that most everyone else uses windows as their operating system. This means if you’re in college or use your computer for work, you might need to purchase Microsoft Office.

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Mac comes with programs which do the same functions as Microsoft office, but these programs are not interchangeable with Microsoft.

This means Microsoft Office is needed to send files to a windows computer or laptop. The good part is you can download Microsoft Office on your Mac or MacBook.

What’s Included in Microsoft Office for Mac?

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Before purchasing this system it’s good to know what the Microsoft Office includes. This program isn’t limited to just Microsoft Word. You’ll also be able to utilize PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and One Note.

Access to other additional applications is available through the different product choices which will be mentioned later.

Word allows you to type any required documents. You can save them to the Mac that you’re on. The application will open separately from other document applications you may already have.

PowerPoint is the presentation application.  Mac has their own version of this application as well, but remember you will need PowerPoint to open files sent from a Windows user.

Excel and One Note are both useful for data and taking notes. Excel may be needed to track business data entries and other data which need a chart to stay organized. Think of One Note as the notepad for Windows systems.

Where to Find Microsoft Office 

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So, where can you find this product? When looking for Microsoft Office for Mac you may go in to a physical store or you could just buy it online and download it directly to the computer.

Let’s take a look at which retailers offer Microsoft Office for Mac and how much they charge.

Best Buy

Best Buy sells pretty much any technological item you can think of. From laptops and desktops to printers and software.

You can go in-store or order items from Best Buy online. This product will cost $149 from this retailer. You can also go their website for additional information. They offer a few different Microsoft Office products as well.


Another well-known store you can go to is Walmart. They have a technology section which offers Microsoft Office 2016.

They usually keep this product locked up behind a glass door so be sure to talk to an associate to get the product for you. Their website can also be used for ordering the product and delivering it to your house as well.

At Walmart, this product is only $109. This is for the Home and Student version. Walmart usually doesn’t carry all of the product options.


Some people like to purchase this product from Microsoft themselves. Just go online to their website and place an order.

When you go to them directly you have the option of subscribing to a yearly membership which enables you to get the product for 16% off.

It costs $99 on their website for the Home and Student option. You can use it on all your devices including iPads and iPhones. This option is only available with the yearly subscription service.

Signing up for Microsoft emails will also allow you to have discounts on certain products. Keep that in mind before purchasing through other retailers.


There’s a few different options for online purchase of Microsoft Office for Mac. You can purchase and download the program from Amazon and other similar retailers.

Sometimes Amazon has certain discounts and deals on these products as well. They’re worth checking out to see if they have the right program for your needs.

Other computer and technology related sites offer these products as well. Companies like, Micro Center, Digital Product Key, Office Media, and Software Max all offer these products.

Variations to This Product 


When purchasing a Mac, you probably noticed it comes with tons of programs already included. They have their own version of all of the Microsoft Office programs.

For instance, Pages and Word are equivalent programs. Both are used for typing papers, and other documents. You can save both programs to the hard drive as well.

Power Point from Microsoft is the equivalent of Key Note on iMac. These are very similar programs. All the features of PowerPoint are available on Key Note. These are programs designed for presentations and projects.

Users can adjust the settings to their liking to make a creative and colorful presentation.

Note and Numbers applications on the iMac are similar to Note and Spreadsheets in Microsoft Office or the Windows system.

These applications allow users to take and jot down notes, they also allow you to color and insert pictures as well. Numbers and Spread Sheets are generally used for those who need to track earnings or other numbers in the system.

You can create charts and spread sheets to analyze data on both platforms. Again, the big difference is when you need to send these documents to a Windows user.

Since they both are created differently you usually can’t send a Microsoft document in the same format to a Mac user.

Microsoft Office Products Compatible with Mac

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Microsoft office comes in a variety of products. They have Microsoft Office Home for Mac, Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac, Microsoft Office Student for Mac, and Microsoft Office Personal for Mac.

Microsoft Office Home for Mac comes with, Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note, Outlook, One Drive and Skype. It will work with up to 5 different Mac’s, 5 tablets and 5 phones. You also get Microsoft Office support at no additional cost.

Microsoft Office Home and Business includes everything Office Home includes in addition to Office Online which allows users to collaborate with friends and family when working on a specific project.

The student version of this product includes all of the same applications, although they’re only available on one device, and upgrades won’t be included.

Microsoft Office Personal comes with full installation on the Mac, tablet and phone of your choice. You get all the applications included with the home version on top of Publisher access.

Publisher is an application which is used for creating cards, greetings, calendars, brochures, newsletters, and other publications. This application gives you the creativity to make anything you need for your business.


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If you’ve purchased Microsoft Office for Mac in the past you can redeem your subscription and update your downloads.

For consumers who are purchasing this for the first time you’ll need to download it to your Mac. When purchased online you can download immediately after purchasing.

When using the product purchased in store go on Microsoft’s website to enter your confirmation number found on the box. The next screen will prompt you to download it to the system.

After clicking the download button, you should be able to open each of the individual applications that comes with Microsoft Office for Mac.

Installation of this program is fairly simple as long as the directions are followed precisely. Creating an outlook account that you’ll remember is crucial if your computer ever becomes compromised.

Final Thoughts 

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Now you have an idea of why Microsoft Office may be a necessary program for Mac users. Sure, Mac has their own set of the same applications. For the sake of transporting and downloading files to Window’s users, you’ll need to use this program.

This is especially helpful for college students and those who may need their Mac or MacBook for work related purposes.

Most consumers find that Microsoft Office for Mac is a good investment. It enables users to communicate more effectively with co-workers while being able to use all the creativity and features of Microsoft Office.

Deciding which program to buy for your Mac depends on what you’ll use it for. Consider what you use your computer for on a daily basis. Will you need spreadsheets? Notes? Access to Skype?

After answering these questions you’ll know which product to buy for your Mac. Happy shopping.

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