MacKeeper: Is it worth buying?

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mackeeper review

Mackeeper is a software suite from Kromtech that claims the ability to speed up your computer, remove worthless files, and provide a connection to real-life humans for all of your Mac-related needs. Is all of this actually included? So without further ado, here’s our review on MacKeeper.


Mackeeper provides a connection to tech experts 24/7 through an integrated live chat system. They can provide you with assistance no matter the time your computer starts to give you issues.

The program also supports a Find & Fix module that allows a remote Apple professional to scan and repair any issues that your Mac might have.

Geek On Demand is a way for an Apple certified professional to answer any questions you might have about your computer. You don’t need any technical knowledge, and MacKeeper claims that you’ll have an answer within 48 hours, no matter how difficult the question.


Our review on MacKeeper shows that MacKeeper provides a multitude of ways to clean and delete worthless files from you Mac. The software provides multiple ways to free up hard disk space.

The Fast Cleanup feature does a quick scan of your system and removes unnecessary files. This includes the Binaries Cutter module, removing files that weren’t designed for use on a Mac. The Languages Cutter also removes unnecessary languages from your system– there’s not much of a need for Russian or Chinese language files when all you know how to speak is English.

Smart Uninstaller will uninstall files more completely than the default Yosemite uninstall process. The Smart Uninstaller removes preferences and hidden widgets, allowing you to gain even more hard drive space.

The Duplicates Finder will remove duplicate files on your system, even if they have different names. No need to waste that space. The Disk Usage module will show you a visualization of how much space each file on your system is taking up.

MacKeeper review disk usage


Our review on MacKeeper shows that the software gives a simple and easy to use way to control what programs start when you launch your computer– the Login Items module.

The software works to keep your computer up to date with the Update Tracker module. Update tracker scans for potentially out-of-date applications and provides you an easy way to keep the rest of your software up to date.

Data Control

MacKeeper provides the tools for you to keep a handle on all of your data. The Default Apps module gives you a place to set the default programs for different file types.

The Backup tool creates a fast backup of your system on an external hard drive or USB stick. You can also create a schedule for your computer to follow to ensure regular data backups.

Click here to read more about Data Control through MacKeeper.


MacKeeper provides online and offline security features. The Safe Browsing module works to block malicious websites and keep you from downloading potentially unsafe files.  Contrary to popular belief, an antivirus is always a good idea on a Mac. MacKeeper comes with an included antivirus suite that will block and remove potential threats.

The software also allows you to locate your computer in the event of theft. The Location Report feature will activate if you report your Mac as missing, and you can check your computer’s location on the MacKeeper website. Furthermore, the software can use your Mac’s built in webcam to take a snapshot of the thief. Criminals beware– you’re not going to hold on to the computer for long with MacKeeper installed.MacKeeper antitheft


MacKeeper helps keep your private information private. The software offers the ability to encrypt sensitive files with a password through the Data Encrypter module.

Deleting files doesn’t make them go away for good. The Shredder function makes multiple passes over whatever you want to delete and completely removes it from your system.


MacKeeper is a software suite that provides a ton of value for your computer. Kromtech values the software at $510 dollars, but they’re selling it for a lot less.

The company is offering the software as a paid subscription model. You can choose a 1, 6, or 12 month plan. The 1 month plan costs $14.99, the 6 month costs $9.94 per month, the 12 month plan costs $7.95 per month, and the 24 month plan costs only $4.95 per month. Here’s MacKeeper’s purchase page, read more about their pricing structure if you’re interested. 

There’s no need to worry about buying multiple pieces of software, as MacKeeper has everything all in the same package. The suite provides everything you need to keep your computer snappy and quick.

Click here to download a demo of MacKeeper.


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