MachMachines Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is a time of the year where dad can sit back, relax, and enjoy all the hard work he does throughout the year. Many dads love tech, and they can’t get enough gadgets and gizmos. There are options available that will make dad happy without breaking the bank.

Here’s the MachMachines Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide for 2015

Bluetooth speakers

Music helps make everything a bit better– whether dad is tinkering in the garage or grilling on the back patio. Having a portable speaker is a great option for the dad on the go.

The DKnight Magicbox  is a cheap option for smaller-scale music. This would be the best match if dad escapes by himself to do some tinkering or prefers grilling solo.

The DKnight magicbox bluetooth speaker

Small speakers like the Magicbox are great if dad’s the only one listening, but larger events need a larger soundsystem. The Ivation Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and puts out much more sound than smaller systems for only sixty dollars. It’s a great option for poolside grilling sessions.

The G-Project G-BOOM will fill a huge gathering with sound. It’s $100 for some great noise capabilities. This portable speaker is a good choice for families that enjoy entertaining company.

Grilling accessories

Dad loves being the grillmaster– So why not let him enjoy what he loves?

Grilling is dependent on the internal temperature of the meat– if it gets too high, it’s overdone. If the temperature is too low, it’s undercooked and you could get sick. Luckily thermometers provide an easy way to monitor the temperature of the meat.

Upgrading to this thermometer from Maverick allows for wireless temperature monitoring, allowing dad to stay with the family while the meat cooks.

A thermometer from maverick

Never let the temperature get away from you again.


There are a ton of streaming media players available on the market today, and we’ve written about them before. The Google Chromecast is a great option for sending media to any HDMI-ready computer monitor or TV. You need another device to “cast” whatever program you want to watch, but it’s extremely easy. Dad would appreciate it.

Upgrade The Auditory Experience

The Senbowne in-ear bluetooth headphones are a great deal for the price. These headphones allow dad to ditch a physical connection between ear and phone, and just enjoy the music.

Music lovers would appreciate a headphone upgrade– the difference between cheap and expensive headphones is a huge one. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is a great pair of headphones for the price. They’re technically studio monitors, but this means that they are very accurate and high quality.

The audio-technica ATX-M50x headphones

These headphones will rock your world


Be careful though, once dad gets used to this audio quality he won’t be able to go back. It can be an expensive hobby.

Exercise monitors

These are great pieces of technology, but buy them at your own discretion. Dad might take it the wrong way.

Cheaper monitors have fewer sensors and collect less data, and you’ll have to spend a bit more money to get the full package.

The Fitbit Flex is a great option in this category. It records your activity, but it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors really improve the caloric burn tracking for the device.

The Fitbit Charge HR is an upgraded version with heart-rate tracking capabilities. Dads interested in fitness will really enjoy one of these monitors.

We’re going to continue to update this post, so check back in as it gets closer to Father’s Day.


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