Why is My Mac Running Slow?

mac running slow

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Diagnose Why You Have a Mac Running Slow and Do Something About It

Your computer is dragging, overheating,  or you’re repeatedly experiencing the spinning rainbow wheel, but you don’t know why, right? Use this step-by-step guide to find the problem, implement a solution, and identify additional tips and tricks to overcome a Mac running slow.

Find the Problem

Have you used up all available storage?

  • Go to your Apple symbol in the upper left-hand corner of your Mac. Select About This Mac from the drop down. Navigate over to storage. What’s your deal? Do you have enough? Running out of memory is one of the top reasons your Mac might run slow.


Are some of your apps power hungry?

  • Go to the Applications Folder. Select Utilities. Move over to Activity Monitor. View the CPU tab, shown at the bottom and check the % Idle statistic.
  • Your % Idle statistic be more than 50% most of the time. If not, check the list of active apps to see which programs or apps are causing your mac to run slow.
  • Uninstall old power hungry apps, ensure all of your apps are updated to the latest version, and adjust power settings for apps you use regularly.


Is your Mac battery healthy?

    • Hold Option + Apple menu. Select System Information from the drop down. Navigate to Hardware and Power to review the current Cycle Count for your battery.
    • Consider a battery replacement if you are nearing or exceeding your battery cycle count.


Implement a Solution

  • Download and install CleanMyMac 3 to prevent clutter and waste.
  • Remove duplicate files with Gemini 2.
  • Move rarely used files and folders to an external hard drive as necessary.
  • Replace your Mac battery before exceeding its cycle count.
  • Uninstall old apps and programs with CleanMyMac 3.


Get More Tips and Tricks

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