Listen App (iOS) Review: Easy-to-Use Music Player

listen app (ios) review

I reviewed a number of MacPaw products this summer (see my posts on CleanMyMac 3 and Gemini 2), and while I was poking around the MacPaw suite of products, one item kept jumping out at me: Listen. Lately, I’m looking for apps that go beyond the built-in suite of podcast, video, and music players and Listen for iOS appeared to fit the bill. After a bit of use I’m happy to jump in with my Listen app (iOS) review.

I’ve been using the app for about four weeks now and here are some initial thoughts:

listen app (ios) reviewYou can easily use the app for free with your existing music. I have all of my music loaded on my iPhone already and the app taps right into that library and plays away, no upgrades needed. If you want leverage the radio stations and recommendation features you’ll need to subscribe to the online radio feature for $2.99/month. listen app (ios) review

This app is ideal for the visual person and the person who embraces gesture-based navigation. The application has almost no text prompts or directions. You navigate around by pinching, squeezing, swiping, etc. and you make selections by reviewing album art and iconography.

You’ll enjoy this if you want to listen to music on the go without much thought. Listen app is easy to use, particularly for someone on a road trip who cannot (and should not!) be reading through playlists.

The user interface for the Listen app is just plain cool.
It looks awesome laying on the desk next to me and I enjoy dragging and dropping individual songs around the screen. Definite bonus points for user experience!

Given that you can download the application for free, you should at least give it a try this summer while you’re lounging by the pool!listen app (ios) review

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PS: What’s on your summer playlist?

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