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If you own a Mac, you have probably come across an advertisement or blog post about CleanMyMac. In fact, at MachMachines, we did a full and comprehensive review of CleanMyMac 3, the latest version of CleanMyMac.

Now, if you are on the fence about installing CleanMyMac 3 on your Mac, you probably have a lot of questions that you are seeking answers to; “Is CleanMyMac safe”, “Is CleanMyMac good”, “Is CleanMyMac legitimate” or maybe even something more specific like “Is CleanMyMac compatible with Yosemite or Mavericks”

We will do our best to answer all those questions, right here.

Is CleanMyMac Legitimate?

The simple answer is yes, CleanMyMac is very legitimate. Till date, it has over 4 Million downloads. Besides being available from MacPaw, the developer of the program, it is also offered as a download at several reputable sites like MacWorld, Tucows, The Mac Observer and

In fact, these sites have not only features informative posts about CleanMyMac, they have also recommended the software and given it various awards.

For instance, MacWorld gave it the Editor’s Choice award. Tucows gave it a 5 cow rating, The Mac Observer gave it a Editor’s Choice Award in 2013 and gave it a Reader’s Choice award in 2012.

So, there is no question about doubting CleanMyMac’s legitimacy. It is currently available in 9 languages and the current edition is 2.3.4, updated on 19th February 2015.

Another fact that establishes the credibility of CleanMyMac 3 is the fact that it is used by corporate customers like Facebook, Tel Aviv University, Vega Systems Integrator and the Butler Community College.

Download CleanMyMac 3

Is CleanMyMac Good?

Once again, we will recommend that you read through our CleanMyMac 3 review here. It provides a fairly detailed write-up on what CleanMyMac does. Depending on how you run your Mac, what maintenance you do and your level of technical knowledge in maintaining a Mac, CleanMyMac can be very useful to mildly useful for your particular use.

In any case, if you don’t have the time to read through our detailed CleanMyMac review, here is a snapshot of what the software can do for your Mac.

  • Scheduled cleaning – All cleaning tasks described below can be put on an automated schedule of your liking
  • Safe cleaning – CleanMyMac is intuitively designed to only delete junk files that will not affect your Mac’s functionality
  • Large file cleaning – The app will easily help you find large files, the biggest culprits when it comes to disk space hogging, then presenting them to you for deletion
  • iPhoto Optimize – Zips through your iPhoto folder to delete duplicates and discarded versions of your pictures
  • Apps uninstall cleanup – Will give you quick one click options to completely uninstall pesky apps that you no longer need
  • Extensions cleanup – Will neatly list and present bloated extensions for deletion, potentially improving your Safari or other browser experience on your Mac
  • Brilliant UI – User interface that is easy on the eye and more importantly, very, very easy to use

Download CleanMyMac 3

How does CleanMyMac 3 help speed up your Mac?

If you read through what Clean My Mac 3 did above, you would have probably got the idea that the app does a lot of cleaning. How does cleaning up disk space help improve your Mac’s performance.

It all boils down to virtual memory in the form of free disk space on your OS X partition. You see, when your Mac’s processor runs out of RAM, it dips into free disk space to use as virtual memory. This doesn’t happen all the time but it does happen from time to time.

In other words, when you are doing something memory intensive, like maybe video or audio editing or have a lot of multi-tasking going on, your RAM usage % is going to be pretty high.

If your Mac tried to use your RAM to a 100% capacity, it will result in that dreaded freeze up, where nothing happens when you press a key or move a mouse. Before your RAM chokes at 100%, your Mac’s processor will start using free disk space on your OS X partition as virtual memory.

This will work fine, assuming of course that your OS X Partition has enough free disk space. As a general rule of thumb, experts will recommend that you have at least 15% of disk space on your OS X Partition as free disk space.

We actually recommend that you keep 40% free. Here are several simple ways to clean up your OS X parition, particularly if it is on a SSD.

Hence, coming  back to Clean My Mac 3, by freeing up disk space on your precious OS X partition, it helps your Mac’s processor cope with extra memory requirements when required, thereby giving you better performance levels.

Besides freeing up OS X performance, Clean My Mac 2 can uninstall programs or disable browser extensions that you might never need, freeing up precious amounts of RAM that will then in turn allow to enjoy a faster Mac.

While the uninstalling and disabling of apps and extensions is not automatic, Clean My Mac 2 makes it very easy for you, populating a list of potential apps and extensions that you can easily disable to enjoy a faster Mac.


Download CleanMyMac 3

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