How to Fix iOS 10 from Draining Your iPhone Battery

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Is  your iPhone battery dying more quickly than normal? Check your iOS version.

In the weeks after I updated to iOS 10 I started to think I needed a new smartphone. My iPhone battery was a goner after just a few short hours of moderate use. I blamed it on an Apple conspiracy hellbent on getting me to upgrade to a new iPhone 7. I quickly realized, though, that I had recently bumped up to iOS 10 and there were many others Googling “iphone battery drain ios 10.”  Turns out, the new software was killing the battery on iPhone 6 and 6s models.

How to fix battery drain with iOS 10

  1. Upgrade to the latest software patch: 10.1.1 (as of November 19, 2016). While we are still hearing reports of battery problems on this patch, the reports are more isolated than earlier versions.
  2. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. Evaluate if any recent apps have drained battery life, particularly with “Background Activity.” For me, Facebook is always a battery draining culprit. I also saw Amazon Music sneak in more background activity than I expected.
  3. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Find your top battery draining apps and evaluate/change the location settings. Very few, if any, of your apps should “Always” have access to your location. Setting location services to “While Using” makes the most sense for most apps.
  4. Utilize Apple Support Forums to continue maximizing your battery power. Look for threads regarding your most used apps.
  5. Tweet at Apple Support regarding your battery issues. They’re on it, but it doesn’t hurt to push!
  6. Stay tuned to for news about updates!

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