How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac


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Three Ways You can Take a Screenshot on a Mac

There are times you want to take a picture of your screen. Perhaps it’s meant as a reminder to yourself or you want to share some content or pieces of information with another person? Here are the top three ways we recommend quickly and easily capturing the page in front of you.

1) Take a screenshot of your entire screen

If you need or want an image of everything exactly as you see it on your Mac screen, take a a simple shot of your entire screen the following way:

  • Press Shift + Command + 3

The screenshot will appear as a PNG file on your desktop. Easy peasy!

2) Take a screenshot of a selected portion of your screen

If you want to just take a screenshot of the website you’re on or one section of the website (the contact information, for example), then you want to take a screenshot in the following way:

  • Press Shift + Command + 4
  • (You’ll see your computer pointer now appears as a cross.) Drag the cross to select the area you want in the screenshot.

Once you drag and release you will find the screenshot as a PNG file on your desktop.

3) Install a free Google Chrome extension, such as Fireshot

 If you are a Google Chrome users, there are some nifty tools available to you. I, personally, use Fireshot. Fireshot—for the most part—ignores your desktop and assumes you are most interested in screenshots of websites. The problem with website screenshots is that websites can be very long and much longer than what’s immediately visible on your screen. With an extension you can take a screenshot of the entire length and width of a website! It also has options to screenshot just selected portions or visible “above the fold” content.
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