How to Open a Google Chrome Incognito Tab


How and Why to Use a Google Chrome Incognito Window

In order to save time loading websites, your computer will cache sites. This essentially means they save a version of it so when you return it loads quickly. This is usually great! However, if you're looking for a recent change to a website, it may not show up immediately because of the caching.

What type of recent change? Sometimes you may be looking at a website that was recently redesigned. Or, you may be looking for a feature story recently posted to a website. Some visible change that your computer hasn't updated to yet.

If you're clearing your cache, but still not seeing the update, you may want to try a Google Chrome incognito window. Incognito windows are used for a variety of purposes, but the main thing you should know is that the do not save information (like passwords) and they do not cache websites.

So how do you get to a Google Chrome incognito window?

Look up at your URL bar when you're in Google Chrome. To the far right you'll see three tiny dots stacked vertically.

Google chrome incognito window

Clicking on those three dots will reveal a menu.

The third option should be New Incognito Window. Click that!

Google incognito window


This will open a black incognito window. From there, you can browse and navigate the internet just as you would normally.

google incognito window

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