Hider 2: Keep your Files Safe and Hidden

Data security is on everybody’s mind these days. Thieves, internet criminals, and even the government want to snoop on your  information. Encrypting your files is one of the few things you can do to keep the information on your computer truly safe and secure from prying eyes.

MacPaw provides a piece of file encryption software for your needs: Hider 2.

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Hider 2: keep your sensitive data secure

Hider 2 is an encryption program that allows you to create password protected “vaults” where to store your files, keeping them hidden and encrypted. You can choose to encrypt single files or large folders depending on what you need to hide and protect.

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Creating a vault is as easy as just setting a password.


The software protects your files with AES-256 encryption, making them virtually impossible to crack (unless the NSA actually created that quantum computer– then we all have problems).

Adding files into vaults is extremely easy– you just find the files and then drag and drop them into the vault. Hider 2 will delete the original copies and create new ones within its hidden file storage system. Adding files to your vaults can take a while depending on the size of the file– but that’s to be expected considering the strong level of encryption you’re adding.

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Here’s the vault dashboard– where you’ll interact with your files.


You have the option of the file being encrypted and hidden, or encrypted and visible once you add the file to your vault. This is determined by the toggle in the dashboard next to each of your files.

Hider 2 can also encrypt external drives to keep your files safe even if the device is stolen. Nobody is getting to your information without having the password.

Overall the software is extremely easy to use and it does its job well– your files will be safe from outsiders who don’t have rightful access. MacPaw really hit it out of the park with this one, and it’s a great option for anyone who has sensitive information they want to hide from prying eyes.

MacPaw recently updated the software to improve security, stability, and responsiveness and it’s currently available for only $19.99 on MacPaw’s website. Users can download a 15 day free trial of the software and upgrade to the full version if you like the product

Click here to try Hider 2’s 15 day free trial.


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