Google Pixel Phone Review Roundup

Google Pixel phone review

A month ago or so I wrote about my intrigue with the new Google Pixel phone. Since then plenty of techies have had a chance to take the phone for a test drive and I evaluated a collection of those reviews to see if I want to give the Google Pixel phone a chance. Here’s what I found:

The Good

Google designed the Pixel themselves, from soup to nuts. Past Nexus models were phones designed by other companies that Google tweaked or modified to suit their brand. Not that case with the Pixel — they took it from concept through execution.

Unlike previous Google Nexus phones, the Pixel has an aluminum body with glass accents à la Apple’s iPhone, which gives the phone a high-end look and feel.

Google Assistant — a counter to iPhone’s Siri — comes loaded on each Google Pixel phone. Google Assistant is said to be improved from previous Google phone models and hopes to best all other digital assistants (such as Siri or Amazon’s Alexa).

Customer support is built into each Google Pixel phone and the.Google support team can even take remote control of your phone in order to diagnose or resolve an issue

The Bad

The Google Pixel cost starts at $649 for the 5 inch model with 32GB of storage. The cost increases with the size of the phone and the storage capacity. This pricing is in line with  Apple’s iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

The phone does not come with a headphone set, but it does include a headphone jack (unlike the new iPhone 7).

Unlike the iPhone 7 models, there is no optical image stabilization within the Google Pixel camera. Google points to its faster processing capabilities as a way to offset camera shake.

These Google Pixel phones are rated for less water resistance than the Apple iPhone 7 0r Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Awesome

The Google Pixel camera has a Sony sensor. Known for their sharp and bold images, many camera enthusiasts would say Sony is the best sensor in the camera industry and it’s exciting to see it in a phone.

Google Pixel’s camera is faster and more intelligent than all previous Google phone cameras. Reviews of previous Google phones reported lags in shooting and processing with their Android phones, or inconsistent results in tricky lighting. Across the board, reviewers note that is not an issue with the Google Pixel camera.

The user interface (UI) far exceeds any previous Android phone. As one reviewer put it: you used to get an iPhone when you just wanted a phone and an Android when you wanted a project. Android phones are known for being powerful, but perhaps not intuitive. Reviewers report that changed with the Google Pixel. It has a sleek iPhone-esque UI that makes navigating through menus and options a breeze.

Check out some other reviews yourself:

So I am going to make the plunge? Probably. My iPhone 6 is over 2 years old and its battery is finally showing its past its heyday. I’m going to wait that battery out a little longer, but when I finally have to make the switch I think I’m going to jump on the Google Pixel bandwagon and I am going to give Google Fi a chance. Wish me luck!

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