Speed Up Your Mac By Removing Duplicate Files

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gemini 2 review

Stop the spinning rainbow wheel and speed up your Mac by finding and removing duplicate files

Gemini 2 is the sister application of MacPaw’s Clean My Mac 3. It’s a duplicate file finder. As you go through the craziness of your day, you may not realize how many application and file downloads live elsewhere on your hard drive or install in multiple places (by both error and design). Over the course of months and years these files start to wear down your computer. Especially if you’re a power file user (such as a photographer, graphic designer, accountant, etc.).

Enter Gemini 2.

Here’s how Gemini 2 Works

  • After downloading the product, it directs you to a simple screen prompting you to select a folder.
  • You may drag and drop OR click and select any folder on your hard drive, external drive, or cloud drive.
  • Once you select a folder, Gemini 2 reviews the folder structure and then begin a scan — searching for files that are either identical or very similar.
  • All of my scans completed quickly, in about 30 to 90 seconds. Gemini 2 then let me know it had automatically identified duplicate files or folders. I was able to select Smart Cleanup or Review Results. I always chose to Review Results, in order to get a better idea of how the program worked and to ensure my files truly were duplicates.
  • My run allowed me to confirm duplicate files and delete those. It also showed me files that were very similar in nature. What impressed me most was that Gemini 2 found similar images, for example: I often edit my images and no longer need the unedited image. Gemini 2 found instances were I had both the unedited and edited images stored within my folders and I was able to select and delete the unedited image since it was no longer necessary. Nice!
  • After I selected and removed files, I was done and able to return to the Start Screen to select a new folder or to close out of the program entirely. The entire process took only 5-10 minutes.

Who is Gemini 2 For?

Gemini 2 is an awesome product for those of us who are seeing a lot of Mac’s spinning rainbow wheel. It is also for the organized, Type A person who loves knowing that everything is in its place.

Gemini 2 is also perfect for individuals who may have let organization go by the wayside. In fact, it might be best suited for these individuals. There were few surprises in my Gemini 2 scan, but I can imagine that someone who has years of work, with many forgotten files and folders, on their Mac would be grateful for the assist. It seems to me that purchasing Gemini 2 is a bit like hiring a house cleaning crew to help out a busy professional who doesn’t have the hours to devote to scrubbing baseboards and windows. The program gets down in the depths of your file structures and brings the excess to light, but ultimately gives you the last word.

The Nitty Gritty

You can take Gemini 2 for a trial run before buying. Which is how I prefer to experience products. I would never ever buy software that I hadn’t tried first and, luckily, the Gemini 2 trial is free. So, give it a whirl and tell us what you think!

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