So You Love CleanMyMac 3? Try Gemini 2 Next.

gemini 2 review

Speed Up That Suddenly Slow Mac

We’ve talked about CleanMyMac 3 enough here for you to know that we love the product. It takes your slow Mac and gives it the deep cleanse it needs to speed up and perform quickly. A few reasons why we love this Mac cleaning product:

  • Create space. CleanMyMac 3 scans and safely cleans up Mac clutter.
  • Uninstall apps with confidence. CleanMyMac 3 identifies the programs on your computer and lets you uninstall the application of your choosing in one click. Done and done.
  • Computer health overview in your menu bar. The overview tells me how much RAM I have and how much space is available on my hard drive. It also gives me an update on my battery health and if my trash bin is full.

MacPaw keeps in touch with its fans and repeatedly, MacPaw’s user studies show that CleanMyMac 3 lovers come back to MacPaw for other, lesser known, products, such as Gemini 2.

What is Gemini 2?

“Gemini has become an intellectual solution to clean more space on a Mac identifying duplicates and similar files.” — MacPaw

gemini 2 review

After downloading Gemini 2, you are directed to a simple screen prompting you to select a folder for review. You may drag and drop or click and select any folder on your hard drive, or any folder currently running via external hard drive or cloud drive. Once you select a folder, Gemini 2 will review the folder structure and then begin a scan — searching for files that are either identical or very similar. All of my scans completed quickly, in about 30 to 90 seconds. Gemini 2 then let me know it had automatically identified duplicate files or folders. I was able to select Smart Cleanup or Review Results. I always chose to Review Results, in order to get a better idea of how the program worked and to ensure my files truly were duplicates.

gemini 2 review

What’s to love about Gemini 2?

This version includes,

  • The ability to spot similar files and identical duplicates.
  • An analysis of each file by 10+ parameters including file names, creation and modification dates, extensions, and locations.
  • Integration with iTunes and Photos libraries.
  • Smart Selection algorithm, which remembers rules for files removal.
  • Safe file removal and recovery.
  • Session restoration.

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