What to Do When Your G Suite Storage is Full

g suite storage full

Understand the New G Suite Storage Plans and How to Clear Junk Mail and Files

I was working fast through client emails one day last week when I noticed a pesky notification in the bottom left of my email inbox. It told me my storage was almost entirely full. Eek! I definitely didn’t want any interruption in my email service. I was confused, though, since I didn’t have many emails archived.

Here’s what I learned about Google storage limits in my searches:

  • G Suite (formerly Google Apps) shares storage between your email, your Google Drive, and your Google Photos
  • You receive 15GB of storage free; for $2/month you can get 100GB of storage; you can have a full 1TB for $10/month
  • G Suite now has business plans, too
  • Google offers extra Drive storage space if you complete a security check (I received 2GB extra)

g suite storage full

Videos I received from online photography classes ate up my Google Drive storage space. Those videos, shared and copied to my Google Drive, took away from my Gmail storage. I wasn’t interested in purchasing additional G Suite storage so I went about freeing up Drive space.
g suite storage fullHere’s what I learned about freeing up G Suite space:

  • You can get a detailed look at how much storage you’re using by going to Google Drive settings
  • Use a Gmail search query such as “larger:10M” to filter particularly large email messages and delete them
  • Google Drive has an advanced search option (click the down arrow on the far right of the Google Drive search box) — this will allow you to filter and sort your drive files so you can easily delete those you no longer need or want
  • You must empty your Google Drive trash in order to free up storage space


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