Father’s Day Tech Gift Ideas

father's day tech gift ideas

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Father’s Day is this weekend! While dad can be one of the hardest family members to shop for, I think he’s also the most fun. It gives us a chance to dig a little deeper and find some cool products. You can surely go for the obvious tech gifts and I have some great ideas included in my recent Apple product reviews or my summer tech gadgets list. I thought for dad this year, though, I’d go for the unexpected gifts for the technical guy in your life.  Here are a few Father’s Day tech gift ideas to put a twist on things this year:

CleanMyMac 3 or Gemini 2 License

I know my dad doesn’t need one more item in the house, but could probably use a little help in his digital space. When I reviewed CleanMyMac 3 and Gemini 2 I was impressed by both of the MacPaw products and I think dad will be too! While maybe not the most exciting gift on this year’s list, it’s a sure-fire needed gift and will help him out year-round. Besides, he’ll think about you every time the program runs!


Flashlight + Smartphone Power Backup

fathers day tech gift ideas

My dad is one of those guys who can’t help himself when he’s in line at the checkout, he totally falls for those last minute products he sees before its his turn. As a result, I’ve ended up with several mini-flashlights over the years. You know what, though? They come in pretty handy. When I stumbled across the Black Diamond Ember Power Light Flashlight it made me think of him! This is both a small, portable flashlight and a backup power source for iPhone or Android devices. It comes in three colors, is less than 4 ounces, and is only $50. It’s going to be a winner with my dad.

Boogie Board

father's day tech gift ideas

This was actually a gift I was given recently and I think it would be awesome for the dad in your life. Think Etch A Sketch + notepad = Boogie Board. We’re always writing notes to ourselves and we are not paper family (save the trees!) so this little device is perfect and budget-friendly at only $30.

Quarterly Co. Maker Box

father's day tech gift ideas

If your dad has a bit of “kid at heart” in him, he’s going to love a Quarterly Co. box. These boxes surprise dad every three months with new products, activities, and ideas. Boing Boing is the curator of the Maker Box and it’s filled with products each month for a tech loving guy. The box is $100/package.

The Find-Anything Tile


father's day tech gift ideas

Is dad showing some signs of age? Or maybe he’s just a general space cadet? The find-anything Tile is one of those products that I thought was completely unnecessary the first time I heard about it and now I think of it as a life saver! Dad can attach it to keys, computers, wallets, etc. and then use his iPhone or iPad to track those items. It’s especially helpful in houses like ours where we have more than one entrance and many “drop zones.” If I don’t want to hunt forever I’ll just use Tile to save some sanity each morning. Each tile costs only $25.

So, tell us, what are you doing for dad this Father’s Day?

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