CleanMyMac 2 Review – Does Your Mac Need It?

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If you are here, you must have heard about CleanMyMac 2, a system utility software that is meant to speed up, clean up and optimize your Mac, to make it faster and easier to work on, even if your Mac is pretty old. In this CleanMyMac review, you will learn more about what the software does, whether your Mac needs it and how you can go about trialing the software before considering a purchase.

Clean My Mac 2 Review

Now, there are two versions of Clean My Mac available, with the latest version being CleanMyMac 2. Both versions have been very well reviewed by the Mac user community, with popular sites like MacWorld, CultOfMac, TUAW, Softpedia, iCreate and The Mac Observer all giving it very good ratings. In fact,, a very popular authority site on pretty much all things online gave CleanMyMac 2 the prestigious reader’s choice award.

With those kind of credentials, we can tell you right off the bat that this software is worth a trial or purchase. If you want to trial this software, you can use this instant download link to download and run CleanMyMac 2 straight from the developer’s site, MacPaw.

CleanMyMac 2, a very well reviewed system utility software can speed up & cleanup your Mac in just minutes from now!

What does CleanMy Mac 2 do?

If you read any of the CleanMyMac reviews out on the Internet, including of course ours, you will see that Clean My Mac, as the name suggests, is primarily used to clean up your Mac, to rid it of duplicates, cache junk, system junk, language junk and a lot of binary junk. Additionally, this program from MacPaw can also be used to uninstall programs, clean up the start up list on your Mac and even help your Mac connect to the Internet faster. Considering that the software costs less than $50, it is a fantastic investment as it can potentially help you put off a more expensive hardware upgrade or maybe even postpone that really expensive new Mac purchase that you might have been planning or saving up for.

CleanMyMac 2 Feature List

11 Different Types of Clean Up – More hard disk space

One of the main features of CleanMyMac is that it can rid your Mac off a lot of piled up junk, junk that might have accumulated for months or even years, if you have had your Mac for that long. The 11 different types of junk that Clean My Mac 2 can get rid of, often times in just 10 minutes or so, are; user cache files, system cache files, user log files, system log files, broken preferences, broken login items, redundant iOS software update files, iOS photo cache, universal binaries, development junk and unnecessary language files.

CleanMyMac 2 System Cleanup

CleanMyMac 2’s system cleanup does a fantastic job of speeding up and cleaning up your Mac, in minutes!

Though a cleanup of all the above sounds like a rather laborious task, the fact of the matter is that Clean My Mac 2 gets rid of all this junk with a couple of clicks, freeing up anywhere from 4 GB to even 20 GB of hard disk space with just a single scan.

What does all that new space mean for you? Added performance is what it means! More hard disk space allows your Mac’s processor to work faster, thereby upping system performance. Many users have experienced remarkable improvement in system performance just by using this clean up and it is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this software.

To see how much junk Clean My Mac 2 can get rid of on your Mac, use this trial link here, for an instant download and run of the program.

Large and old files cleanup

This is another important feature that many Mac users find useful. Clean My Mac 2 has an intelligent finder that will scan through your entire hard disk(s), to find large files that you haven’t touched in a long time. Large files like movies, audio playlists or even a bunch of pictures that you don’t need anymore will be found by the program, to then be presented to you, asking for your permission to delete or to keep.

Depending on whether you need the files or not, you can use a couple of clicks to keep or delete these files. This is a particularly useful feature for those who download a lot of movies and audio and then never watch or listen to those files. Deleting just 10 movies can typically free up 7GB of hard disk space and this program can make it a breeze to find those large, chunky files that haven’t been touched in a long time, on your Mac.

iPhoto Cleanup

17. iPhoto Cleanup detailed results with bgd retinaMost Mac users make a complete mess of their iPhoto folders, without even knowing it. Did you know that your Mac creates duplicates every time you crop, edit or even just rotate a photo. If you play around with your pictures a lot, there is a good possibility that you have a ton of photo duplicates that you just don’t need, along with a lot of unnecessarily used up hard disk space. Manually deleting these files can take forever whereas CleanMyMac 2 can keep one copy of your pictures and delete all the others with just two easy clicks.

Of course, you will always have the option to manually delete photos as well.

To give the iPhoto cleanup module and CleanMyMac 2 a trial run, use this link to download, instantly.


This is another excellent module that you will find very useful both now and in the future. Clean My Mac 2 will compile a list of ALL programs on your Mac. To uninstall something that you don’t need, all you have to do is select the program and hit uninstall. The uninstaller will neatly uninstall every last component of that program, permanently getting rid of it.

CleanMyMac 2 Uninstaller

With CleanMyMac 2’s uninstaller, all it takes is a single click to get rid of pesky applications that you don’t need on your Mac anymore!

This might be useful for a lot of Mac users as most Mac users try deleting programs that they don’t want. When you don’t want a program, you must understand that you must uninstall it and not delete it. Clean My Mac 2 lets you safely uninstall, with just a few clicks. You can demo the uninstaller by using this CleanMyMac 2 trial link here.

Manage your Safari extensions

Safari, your default internet browser for Mac allows you to use a lot of extensions that are meant to liven up and make your internet access a lot more convenient than the stock Safari browser. However, like how too much of anything can prove to be detrimental, having too many resource hungry extensions can result in slow internet browsing.

CleanMyMac 2 has an extensions manager that will easily allow you use one or two clicks to enable, disable or even completely delete extensions that you don’t need, without having to toggle through complicated menus.

Secure erase

Did you know that files and folders are not really deleted when you delete them on your Mac. To truly delete files and folders, you need to empty your trash bin as well, something that CleanMyMac’s eraser can take care of, again, with just a click or two. This eraser module also has a secure erase that is the equivalent of a paper shredder, deleting your files and folders in such a way that they can never be recovered, even by programs that can normally recover deleted files and folders that you even discard from the trash can.

Macs are fantastic machines and cost a lot more than Windows computers and for good reason. When you pay the extra money for Mac performance, it makes sense to keep a Mac system utility software that will always keep your Mac in prime performance mode, no matter how old it is.

You can use CleanMyMac 2 to even schedule your cleanups, to run automatically, so that your Mac is cleaned for you automatically, after certain days or certain months, as you enjoy your normal activities. That brings us to the end of our Clean My Mac review. You can instantly trial CleanMyMac 2 at this link here.

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  3. Colin Reply

    Impressed by your review of cleanmymac. I use an iMac and MacBook – can I use it on both? Colin

    • Michelle Smith Reply

      Hi Colin. Thank you for your comment! Yes, CleanMyMac is certainly compatible with all Macs! If you were asking if one purchase will give you two licenses, no, it won’t. You will have to buy the 2-License pack if you want to use it on two of your Macs. Hope that answered your question.

  4. Stefany+Putz Reply

    Been using Clean My Mac 2 for over two years now. It always manages to clear at least 1 GB of hard disk space every time I run it.

    Solid software to have on your Mac, for weekly or monthly maintenance.

  5. AlanJos90 Reply

    Have CMM2 installed and always run it twice a week on automatic schedule…a must have to keep your mac hard disk light, especially if you have an expensive SSD with not a lot of free disk space.

  6. maggie Reply

    So, it keeps the originals and the edits, but not intermediates and copies?

    • Michelle Smith Reply

      Yes, that is exactly what it is supposed to do! 🙂

  7. Maggie Reply

    I’m interested in more info about how it cleans up iPhoto. How does it deal with links, labels, notes and data that have been made to the multiple versions of a photo?

    • Michelle Smith Reply

      CleanMyMac uses the modifier tags for all the pictures in your iPhoto folder. Using those modifier tags, the algorithm is able to tell which photos are your originals and which ones are the the ones that were a work in progress when you were editing, cropping or altering pictures.

      You can use an aggressive auto-delete function in the iPhoto cleanup as it does a great job all on its own. If however every photo on your hard disk is very dear to you, you can manually filter out the results that are presented for deletion.

  8. Michelle Smith Reply

    When you download CleanMyMac from the links given above, the download will automatically correct itself based on the version of OS X that you have.

    If you have an older OS X, you will download Clean My Mac Classic instead of Clean My Mac 2. Hope that helped.

  9. Susan Reply

    What about older operating systems? Would this work well on a Mac running 10.5.8?

  10. Michelle.Gaitlin Reply

    Hey! My name’s Michelle too! Nice review. I vouch for Clean My Mac too. Excellent software that will speed up and clean up your Mac tremendously, especially the first time around. Great for maintenance cleanups as well. A must have app for your mac, at least according to me…

  11. Rob Reply

    I used to have Clean My Mac original before and recently downloaded the upgraded Clean My Mac 2. It has got a Fantastic UI and the performance tweaks it gives you make it a great download.

    I mean, a 10 minute scan freed up 11.3GB on my Mac’s hard disk and there is a noticeable difference in boot-up speeds and even internet browsing speeds. That alone makes me want to give it a two thumbs up!

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