Best Apps for New Parents

best apps for new parents

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Last week we looked at the Top 5 Must Have Gadgets for Parents. We believe in embracing technology to make this #parentlife easier. In that spirit, we also wanted to share our top picks for iOS apps to help out the sleep deprived and worry-filled parent crowd.

Our picks for the best apps for new parents:

Baby Tracker

best apps for new parents

Before you’re a parent, tracking your baby’s every meal and (ahem) post-meal activity sounds ridiculous. When you’re a parent, it seems absolutely necessary. When did my kid eat last?! Without our Baby Tracker app I’d inevitably forget important details throughout the day. The app allows me to log anything and everything baby related: feedings, pumping, potty details, and growth updates. I can then review averages and totals to get a sense for how today compares to other days. If you really love data, Baby Tracker Pro includes statistical charts and richer data analysis.


best apps for new parents

I obviously knew my child would use diapers. Maybe I even understood he’d use a lot of diapers. But I’m not sure I could really comprehend the sheer volume of diapers and wipes we’d go through daily/weekly/monthly. Holy smokes! Pampers has a rewards program that accumulates points with every purchase. The Pampers app includes a photo-to-text scanner that enters the long reward code for you, saving you time and bleary eyes.


best apps for new parentsThe Canary device and app is a baby monitor, home security system, and general use camera all rolled into one. With the device placed in our kiddo’s room I get a wide angle view of the entire room, not just his crib area, which is going to be even more handy as he gets older and begins to play in larger spaces. I can also set the app to alert me when there’s movement or activity — giving me peace of mind that everyone stays where they’re supposed to stay. Once you purchase the device there’s not subscription or fee for the app — score!

Prime Now

best apps for new parents

Nothing gives a new mama shock quite like realizing she’s out of formula or diapers at the least opportune time. Personally, I have an outrageously large reserve, but it’s reassuring to know that I could have either within a matter of hours using Prime Now. There’s also that oddball purchase (baby sun hat, anyone?) every once in awhile that makes it oh-so-worth the markup.

White Noise

best apps for new parentsI heard someone say this once and it’s so true: with babies, sometimes quiet is too quiet. I feel a lot more at peace with background noise and my free White Noise app has a ton of options for filling the void. It’s also handy on my iPhone and we can use it in the nursery, in the car, or out and about town. It’s a lot better to use the app from my phone than to purchase one of the larger baby-specific white noise devices.


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