7 Video Editing Apps for your Mobile Device

Mobile camera technology keeps improving. However, high-quality video is nothing without smooth video editing. There are several video editing apps on your App store that allow you to add filters, edit out boring scenes or mistakes, add transitions, and include a soundtrack in your videos. These video editing apps for iPhone help you create professional quality videos on the go.


iMovie is Apple’s own video editing app for iOS. You can grab any clip shot on your iPhone and convert them into a complete video with transitions, titles and soundtracks. iMovie lets you create powerful video content on your phone.

The app provides an intuitive multi-touch design that makes editing videos simple. It supports picture-in-picture, slow motion effects, and split screen options that provide great flexibility while editing your video clips. You can also share your videos on other iOS devices through AirDrop.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is one of the first video editing apps that appeared on Apple’s App Store. The layout seems a bit complicated to use, but it turns out to be incredibly powerful if you can learn to take advantage of its features.

The app provides integration with several file sharing apps such as Dropbox, Vimeo, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft Skydrive. This seamless integration makes it easy to share files online and pick them up anytime from anywhere. If you are looking for a powerful editing suite that supports cloud storage services then look no further! The app is available for download at a price of $12.99.


Vizzywig offers professional video editing features including multi-camera recording and multiple clip importing. It has all the features that a user will require to transform their amateur clips into professional movies. In a major upgrade, the app now allows users to scale, rotate and trim multiple videos. The app also provides a link with GoPro, Camera Roll, and Dropbox. You can download clips from any of these services for use in Vizzywig


Capture for YouTube allows you to create movies from your clips on the go. You can shoot and edit videos from your device in full HD. You can build a story by stitching together an unlimited number of clips with this app. The app provides several features to easily trim clips, rearrange scenes, and add a soundtrack from your audio library. You can share your videos on YouTube or social media outlet in a single step


Socialcam is an “Instagram for videos”. The app allows you to add filters to your videos and share them on their social network.

Socialcam is one of the most popular apps for capturing, sharing, and viewing videos on iPhones and iPads. With vintage filters, custom titles, and soundtracks, the app provides an easy way to create great videos. You can view your shared videos from anywhere on any device.

Cute Cut

Cute Cut is a near-professional video editing app that allows users to create multi-layer timeline video editing. The app guides the user in real-time with helpful pop-ups. The app makes it easy to create exactly the video you want to make.

You can also paint directly on your movie and choose from 20 plus pre-made transitions. The app helps you to create professional movies with these transitions. You can also insert an existing movie within a movie you are currently working on.


Magisto is simple and easy to use. The app is not a video editing suite technically but instead auto-creates a video after you provide the necessary clips. The app allows you to simply select the photos and clips that you had like to put together in a video and it takes care of the rest.

Once you select the video, theme, and background track, the app selects the best scenes to create a movie for you. Upon completion, you will receive a notification. Magisto allows you to select up to 10 clips to make a video for free after which you will need to pay a subscription fee.  The app renders a convenient platform to create and share movies with your friends.

With these video editors installed on your iPhone, you will be able to provide beautiful video footage to all of your friends.

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