6 Safari Web Extensions To Improve Productivity

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Safari is a powerful web browser optimized for Apple devices. It’s reliable and fast providing an incredible internet experience for the user.

However, Apple didn’t think of everything. Web extensions allow you to expand Safari’s repertoire of abilities. Extensions will cause additional memory usage, but the additional productivity is very much worthwhile.

We have put together a few must-have safari web extensions that lets you get more out of your browser. They are simple to use and mostly run in the background without slowing down your computer.

How do you add extensions?

Apple makes it extremely easy to add extensions to Safari. You can download extensions directly from Safari’s online store by navigating to Safari->Safari Extensions. You can browse for extensions by category and choose whatever you need.  You manage your extensions by altering the settings under Safari Preferences->Extensions.


ClickToPlugin speeds up your browser by preventing Flash, Java, and Silverlight from loading. It tells you exactly what was blocked. The user can then choose to load the content if absolutely necessary.

This prevents Safari from automatically loading bloated plug-ins and helps speed up the browsing experience. You can also customize the extension and choose to disable it on certain sites.

Gmail Counter

Gmail Counter allows you to keep track of your email without having to visit your inbox. The extension notifies you when you receive a new message and also tells you how many unread emails are in your inbox. The notification sits in an easily visible location so you can keep your email from getting overly cluttered.



Translate is a simple extension that translates text content on web pages. The world wide web is just that– world wide, and not everything is in your native tongue. The extension uses Google services to provide the translation.

You can use this extension if you end up visiting web pages of different countries or if you want to practice a foreign language that you’re learning.


Filling in web forms with redundant information is time consuming. Some websites require you to put in your information every time you navigate to the site. Last Pass helps you fill out the forms automatically by storing your personal information securely.

Last Pass pulls your information and fills the fields automatically. It can save a lot of precious time.


Do you find yourself spending a lot of time on a particular website unnecessarily? WasteNoTime helps you stay away from addicting websites. The extension automatically blocks you out of selected websites when you have spent a predefined amount of time on it every day.

Spend too much time on Facebook? WasteNoTime will block you after you spend your budgeted time.

Naturally, you can disable the extension if you absolutely need your fix.




Keeping a bunch of tabs open at the same time can really stress you out.  Panic Button is the right extension for anyone who loses track of themselves after opening way too many tabs. It hides all your tabs in a click and restores them when required.

It can temporarily hide the tabs making it an effective privacy utility. You can quickly hide your tabs by creating a keyboard shortcut. Once you hit the ‘Panic button’, the extension closes all currently opened tabs and opens a new blank page by default.


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